Monday, July 9, 2012

comics for the week of 07/05/12.

I've also started reading Mind Mgmt, and it is AMAZING. Y'all need to hop on that book.

Animal Man 11 - Wow! This book just leaped miles ahead of its companion, Swamp Thing. Here we get to see Buddy Baker get a new body, courtesy of some hilarious twins inside the Red. We also get to see Buddy's body, taken over by the Rot, take on Socks, and ultimately get worked over by the new, revitalized Animal Man. With limited shape-changing abilities, this is one Animal Man who is extremely stronger than he used to be and is definitely not to be messed with. The inclusion of Cliff at the end felt a bit odd, but it's not bad, of course. It makes sense that both of his kids, after all, probably have some latent abilities and if Wing gets to the the uber-important totem, then Cliff better have some great bit parts as well. Swampy's coming next issue and things are only going to get better.

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias 1 - Jae Lee is my favorite artist. I wish he did more work. His art here is exactly what it always is: beautiful, sublime, breath-taking. Etc. However, I've got to be honest and say that I think the story, by Len Wein, suffered a little bit. I know that he was probably trying to write in Veidt's voice, and there's some of that ego in there, but I just wasn't captured the way I wish that I always was when I'm looking at Lee's pencils. I'll definitely stay up with this one, purely for the art, in the hopes that the story gets better, which is more than I can say for half of the other BW titles.

Invincible 93 - First of all, wow, this issue came out quickly, right? I mean, the last issue of Invincible was only 2 weeks ago? Is that right? Dang. Having both Ottley and Walker on the book must be helping tremendously. So, with that out of the way, we get more about Rex and Monster Girl's time in the Flaxan galaxy. It seems like Robot would have to do a lot more convincing to appease Monster Girl to the idea of hanging out in this place for the long time span they've already been there, much less how long they're going to end up staying. Just saying. Also, were we supposed to know the guy at the end? The book is running very smoothly despite Mark's being relegated to a secondary character. I'm impressed. But I'm also hopeful that he'll be back to full time status by issue 100, if not sooner.

Ultimate Spider-Man 12 - So good! So so so good! The art is almost perfect. Pichelli is missed, sure, but David Marquez has become a more than capable replacement. The fight between Miles and Uncle Aaron is everything that we (and Ganke probably) expected it to be, and the only question is whether Miles followed through on his plan to tell his parents. The smart money says that he didn't, which will further the drama in a comic book. That's a little outside his character, though, so I hold out hope for the fact that he did the right thing and covered his butt. Speaking of not doing so, though, Ganke totally gave away Miles' secret to that girl who was following them. Yep, that's gonna come back.

Book of the week is Animal Man. Spider-Man was great, but the way that the story is being told in Animal Man, plus the unusual art that is now something I look forward to was just too much.

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