Monday, June 25, 2012

comics for the week of 06/20/12.

Taking suggestions on what to drop when I move.

Batwoman 10 - It's sad how close I am to dropping this book. When JH Williams is doing the pencils, it's the best book on DC's block. No doubt about that. But his storytelling just isn't strong enough yet for a young writer to get away with the pencils that are accompanying the story at this point. We see a revelation about Sune and Maro that I suppose is interesting, but the story has just gone in so many directions at this point, with so few solid plot beats for any of these mini-stories that it's hard to feel any real momentum. There's a good moment between Gordon and Maggie, but that's about it.

Before Watchmen: Comedian 1 - As different as the Minutemen and Silk Spectre books were, this one was clearly the worst. It struck all the wrong tones with the established character of the Comedian, and I know that was probably part of the point - to see his loss of innocence - but it felt so foreign. And yeah, we get it, JFK was kind of a jerk. But jeez, was that the whole point of the entire issue? The end, with the obvious set up, underestimated Eddie's character - the Comedian we know should have (and would have) seen through the whole thing pretty damn quickly. I know he's younger, so I'm OK with him not seeing through it then, but it should be extremely obvious in the aftermath. Here's to looking forward to what he'll do in response, but I won't be buying this title either.

Fables 118 - Therese's journey in the land of misfit toys takes a dark turn, but big brother Darien is going to turn out to be quite the hero. And Bigby Wolf goes to the other winds to see what they can do for him. The tiger goes through quite the ordeal and that's about it for the main story. I like that we're seeing some action, but it does feel short because of the backups. The Oz story this go round gets some play, it's better than normal, but Bufkin's girlfriend is still the brains behind the whole operation. That's not a bad thing, but I'm not sure how we're supposed to see this as a hero's journey for the flying monkey when he hasn't actually done that much.

Saga 4 - BKV has done so well in the last four months that I felt compelled to re-read the entirety of Y: The Last Man. I'm glad that I did, and it's clearly a much better book than Saga at this point, but I didn't read it because I was unhappy with Saga, but rather because of how good Vaughn's writing has been. He's really, really capable of doing whatever it is that he wants to do and this story is a great one. Here, we get to see Marko and Alana reconcile in a way, but the main focus is on The Will on a planet called Sextillion, where he shows that he's not totally a bad person. There is going to be so much characterization in this book that all we can do every month is just to love what we're getting.

Unwritten 38 - Tommy Taylor keeps plodding along, even without appearing in his own book. Richie Savoy is the main character the last two issues, but the cult of Tommy is the real star, no matter what the English language says about protagonists. This is definitely getting into some of the second act that I talked about seeing coming after the War of the Words. Mme. Rauch is on the way out, the Leviathan is hurt and the new right-hand man will probably turn into the new big bad for a third act, right? But despite this predictability (and I, by no means think that I'm right for sure. I leave wide room for being very, very wrong), the story still comes out in a brilliant manner.

Book of the week goes to Saga. The fact that BKV can switch gears so thoroughly and still tell a killer story proves that he is one of the best young talents in the game.

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