Monday, May 28, 2012

comics for the week of 05/23/12.

Variety is the spice of life. But this week, I have two aspects of Marvel and only one of DC. While the DCnU is rapidly losing all my attention, Vertigo continues to be the best line that's being published.

Fables 117 - Therese furthers her career as the Queen of Make Believe Land and learns a very important lesson - one that her brother Darien seems ripe to suffer the consequences from not learning at the end of the issue. Meanwhile, back in new Fabletown, Nurse Spratt is a bad, bad woman. She's leading all the other Fables down a path that she's clearly pre-selected and they're going to have a very tough time getting over whatever traps she's got waiting for them. Darien's battle with the toys goes poorly, but it's awesome to see the army he assembles. The cubs are going to have to fight their own battle, too, since Bigby can't find them at all. The backup was subpar again, it's just not very engaging with the exception of one or two months ago. The art is amazing, but the story is going nowhere.

Fantastic Four 606 - With art by Ron Garney, I thought this was going to be the exception to my love of Hickman's run. But Garney hit this one just right. Although the surprise wasn't much of one (if you've been reading comics for any time at all, you could tell where this one was going), the end was still touching. It's really clear, though, that Hickman is finishing up his run with a few heartfelt stories that he wanted to tell but didn't have the time to do so in the middle of that run. Not a bad thing at all. These will be some of the one-off stories that people talk about for years to come.

Ultimate X-Men 12 - Another side step of the current story, but this one I'm more than OK with. The introduction of Sinister and Apocalypse was one of the coolest, different things that the Ultimate X-Men universe ever did, and then they were gone. Once again, they look bizarre, but there's so much intrigue to this situation that I'm on board. Plus, is this the first appearance of Ultimate Layla Miller? If not, I'm OK with missing it, but damn, there's a lot of Ultimatum backstory here. When I took a break from the Ultimate Universe, I had no idea that I would regret it so much. If there's not going to be continuity in the Ultimate books the way there was from issues 1-5, this is how it should be: crazy, far out stories that are totally removed from anything that's come before in the 616 universe.

The Unwritten 37 - The Wound part 1 starts off in a very strange way. We've clearly leaped ahead a certain amount of time, but the new big bad's right hand man appears to not have moved forward nearly as much as our protagonist's crew. The reveal with all these people who are disappearing is going to be amazing, because I'm pretty sure that it's going to be almost literal. She's gone to the end. The denouement. On the other hand, Rausch and Savoy appear prepped to have a great conversation that's going to tell us quite a little bit right now. That's the single best thing about the Unwritten - how it manages to tell a story now and set beats that are going to be picked up later. Great stuff.

Book of the week goes to the Unwritten. Not many other books can hit a climax and come back just as hard the very next issue. Great work from Carey and Gross.

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