Wednesday, May 23, 2012

comics for the week of 05/16/12.

More variety equals better comics.

Batwoman 9 - This book is now solidly in my waffling pile. I know that others have felt that way since JW Williams was on his art break, but I thought it had held up - until now. With Blackman on art, there's no continuity. It's not that the art is bad, in fact I thought it was pretty good. But the story just isn't compelling enough to leave this many balls up in the air - there's got to be weight behind everything. Here we see an interesting wrinkle to Batwoman's love life, as well as the infiltration of the big bad's fancy yacht. There's some fighting. It wasn't great.

Fantastic Four 605.1 - Hickman and Choi team up to bring a most unexpected point one, none of which I've read, because I'm wary of those type of shenanigans. But this one knocks it out of the park. Incredible stuff from Hickman showing how long-term he's been thinking, and for how long it's all been with him. This is the type of story that I'd waver on where to put it in the inevitable Omnibus - at the beginning, where it falls chronologically, or here where the reader can get as much of a kick out of it as we all got to? We see an alternaworld where Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany won World War II, and Reed Richards falls under their sway. Ben Grimm is no friend of the hero, nor the brother and sister team of Johnny and Sue Sturm. Great contrasts, a fantastic cameo from Viktor von Doom and an ending that'll wrap everything from the beginning all the way around make this just another home run in Hickman's era.

Locke and Key 6 - Clockworks ends with a reminder that this whole story has been seen by Tyler and Kinsey. Ugh. I'd forgotten that and it just makes it that much more painful. We get the whole saga of Dodge in the past played out, and I've already written about how he was a genuinely good person and how much worse that made his fall. Here, though, we get to see how he lost. It's a sad tale, obviously, but there's so much more to tell. The ending, with Kinsey having her sadness and anger back, crying over her picture of her dad, Tyler with the lure, and Bode with the Omega Key was absolutely chilling. The only bad thing about this comic is how infrequently it comes out. The prospect of having to wait until Fall for the next installment to even begin is nigh-unbearable. But it's so worth it.

Saga 3 - I feel like every single issue of Brian K. Vaughn's series has gotten better and better. This one shows some relationship between the Stalk and the Will that might have come before, shows how far Alana is willing to go for baby Hazel, and shows how wars can tear apart families that already weren't on the same page. We also get to see some hardheadedness from the Prince in his interrogation and we get a feel for what a bad guy he truly is. This is what I was hoping for, insofar as character-driven work, when I heard that BKV had a new series coming up and I'm so excited to see where it goes.

Book of the week goes to Locke and Key, although, honestly, it could be any book other than the DC book I picked up. Any time a new Locke and Key comes out, though, it's gonna be some fierce competition.

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