Tuesday, May 8, 2012

comics for the week of 05/02/12.

More DC, more problems.

Animal Man 9 - I feel like this title and Swamp Thing kind of vary month to month with which one's gonna kick ass and this month wasn't Animal Man's turn. Although the first couple pages were a great shout out to the classic Morrison tales, I wasn't that intrigued by seeing this plotline continue to get stretched out. The fact that Buddy Baker might actually be dead is awesome, but it didn't get much play here, since we were primarily in the Red and outside with the family. The appearance of Hellblazer at the end, though, is definitely a good sign. There's not much to complain about in regards to John Constantine, even in the DCnU.

Earth 2 1 - James Robinson is always worth taking a chance on, but this book isn't going to be for me. I'm glad I got to read the intro, but I just don't care about Jay Garrick or Alan Scott, especially not in a world where they're young screw ups instead of the vaunted old characters that I might not love, but I'd grown to respect. I can't wait for Wildcat to be revealed as a homeless kid who had to learn how to fight in order to survive on the streets and is now ready, at the ripe old age of 19, to join a team of like-minded hard-headed heroes. It's no fault of Robinson's; I'm sure he's going to tell an engaging tale - it's just not for me.

Swamp Thing 9 - This book took a left turn when I expected it to play close to the vest. While Seethe is battling over in Animal Man, the Rot goes down pretty hard here in this issue, except...it doesn't really. While I expected Abigail to be the Big Bad in this book (maybe forever?) they snagged her out of that role very, very quickly, and we're left with a throwback. For those of us who have been around comics (and Swamp Thing) for quite a while, the who wasn't a surprise, as much as the fact that they're retreading so much of the same old ground. It's not a bad thing, the book felt fresh, with one major exception: the art by Yanick Paquette is gorgeous as usual, but when the sub Marco Rudy took over, the book fell down a notch. Let's get some consistent teams on both this book and Animal Man and they'll regain their flagship status.

Ultimate Spider-Man 10 - Miles has it out with his uncle, the Prowler, and you can just see the ways that adults constantly manipulate kids. It's laid out clear as day to the readers, but Miles is blissfully ignorant. (Ahhhh, the dramatic irony!) The art is beautiful, the storytelling is compelling and the action is great. The fight between Miles and his uncle is well-paced and we can see all the ways in which Miles is stronger, faster, and overall better. However, Uncle Aaron just knows more. This is the problem with fighting someone who is more experienced than you, and it's written all over this battle. The way this decision weighs on Miles' shoulders is clear in his interaction with Ganke as well as his parents, but, ultimately, it's going to be his decision alone, and his consequences to deal with alone as well.

Book of the week goes to Spider-Man. The art by David Marquez continues to impress and the fact that this doesn't really feel like a Bendis book, like all the rest of his books do is the best thing about it.

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