Tuesday, May 1, 2012

comics for the week of 04/25/12.


Angel and Faith 9 - The Daddy Issues arc finishes up with not many surprises, except for Angel's penchant for misery has been fully noticed by Drusilla in her sane-phase. And she's right. This is the only thing that bugs me about Angel and part of why I never felt like his show lived up to Buffy. He's a great character when he's put in the right position, but it's so, so rare - he's usually just a morose old fool. Faith, on the other hand, is very dynamic. Her flipflipping might have seemed a bit out of character, but it wasn't unforeseen, nor unforgivable. She's had a tough life, but now she seems to be committing to Angel's quest, which should move the story right along.

FF 17 - Once again, I'm glad I didn't drop this book, but it wasn't as good as last issue. The thing is, this allowed me to see someone else take on Peter Parker's personality, which is a nice stretch of the legs for Hickman, and he handled it well. The touches with Johnny and Peter living together are fun, but it felt a little forced. The ending, however, was a pure laugh, proving how versatile Hickman is.

The Ultimates 9 - And Hickman continued his run with this book, where we get to see the People versus the City, Reed continuing to work on the Hulk and the President's launching of the nuclear arsenal. Here's a spoiler alert that isn't really one: it doesn't go well. The interplay with Fury and Clint Barton (and Natasha?) in the beginning of the book was a great one and you can tell how much they truly care about each other. The best part, though, was Thor and Tony fighting back against the government and making their presence felt. There's still a huge story that's being told here, and it's going to be so long until it's done that it feels hard to judge it now, when it's only partially done, but it's being told so well that it's hard not to be effusive in the praise.

Book of the week goes to the Ultimates. Hickman, that's all that needs to be said.

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