Monday, April 23, 2012

comics for the week of 04/18/12.

After the solidity of last week, I was a little bummed at some of the twists and turns here this week.

Batman 8 - Night of the Owls begins!'s kind of underwhelming. I get that this was just a prelude, but it's still pretty weak. The whole book is basically taking us through what we've already done the last two issues of Batman, and the call going out to the Bat family was weird to me. (In fact, if I can continue talking shit just real quick about the DCnU, I want to point out that, apparently, in five years as Batman, Bruce has saved Dick Grayson from the circus, had him grow up enough to abandon the role of Robin, found Jason Todd, had Jason Todd murdered in front of his eyes, went through a dark period where he didn't want or need any help, had Tim Drake convert him into a believer, have his back broken by Bane, stepped out of the cowl [did AzBats exist in this universe? I mean, he should have, given all else that we've seen, right?], took time away, had a triumphant comeback, was Batman for a while, was then killed by Darkseid, at which point Dick, who's now been Nightwing for a maximum of four years, comes back to be Batman, but then Bruce returns as Batman and now we're through the five year time span. What the hell?) Ugh. Now I'm so off track with my review that I don't even know how to continue, other than to say I've got faith in Snyder's storytelling and Capullo's art was still gorgeous. I have pretty regular problems with the DCnU and it's unfortunate that this book has to pay that price.

Fables 116 - Therese takes her place on the throne of the Land of Lost Toys and Darien sets off with a magical tiger (Lord Mountbatten?? What a name!) to search for her. Meanwhile, the Oz backup wasn't complete shit! Hey! Poor little Therese has no idea how far over her head she's gotten, but when the toys continue to bring out plastic for her to eat, I think she's going to get a pretty good idea pretty dang quick. Happy to see that Bufkin was saved over in the backup.

Rachel Rising 7 - The entire issue was amazing until the kind-of laugh-worthy ending. This book is still scary as hell and the amount of dead people rising is really giving me serious cause for concern here. But that panel with the dead bodies popping out of the graves and into the air? Does that scare anyone? It looked straight up humorous to me, nothing cringe worthy about it at all. The way that Jet comes back to life, though, is truly troubling and I don't know where it's going. Beautiful.

Wolverine and the X-Men 9 - What a book! The Phoenix Force is coming back, as we all know, and Cap comes to the Jean Grey school to check which side Wolvie's gonna take. Although we all know what side he's on, too, Jason Aaron's writing makes it clear what a conflict this is for him. Honestly, at the end of this book, I was near tears. The last time the Phoenix was here on Earth, Logan had to watch the love of his life die. How many times is this poor guy gonna have to go through this? Meanwhile, the students are in for a hell of a shock after this A vs. X stuff is over.

Book of the week goes to Wolverine and the X-Men. Superb writing by Aaron and wonderful to have Bachelo back on the pencils.

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