Monday, April 9, 2012

comics for the week of 04/04/12.

Things are going well in comic land. I've just finished with Breaking Bad, so I'm finally gonna try Firefly again. This'll be attempt three. Here's to hoping my love for Whedon's magic will finally transfer to this one.

Animal Man 8 - The battle is on! This issue of Animal Man proved that it belongs on the top tier of the DCnU. Maxine dies, and sends her soul (?) to a fox's body! She's already more powerful than her father, and yet, he can't recognize it. The cat does, of course, but there's nothing to be done regarding her fate; she's going to suffer along until she is absolutely needed. Speaking of, Buddy's fight with the Rot doesn't go as well as it should, and the issue ends with some very intriguing cliffhanger potential.

Invincible 90 - Mark is still in trouble. Dinosaurus proves to be his best friend. And General Thragg is seriously a very, very bad man. Dino tries his damndest to take him out, but, whoah...he's no match. The biggest thing that won't even really get play is Zandale's crazy hitting on Eve. There are so many great plot points happening in this book that it's really hard to believe how many things are going under the radar right now. Kirkman is really improving his writing insofar as bringing the simmer to the forefront. It's incredible that this is issue 90 and he continues to improve.

Swamp Thing 8 - The first time that AM has been better than its sibling book, ST? This book is still so so so good and I've talked enough about Scott Snyder's writing, which is amazing, yes, but Yanick Paquette is just killing the art right now. The look of Swamp Thing with wings and Lady Deathstrike-like claws is unbelievable. The worst thing about this book is how much Alec Holland is still inside of Swamp Thing and that really costs him at the end of the book. This, however, is a seriously minor quibble, because the way that Holland is influencing Swampy is one of the most unique things happening in comics right now. I love this book.

Ultimate Spider-Man 9 - Spider-Man's encounter with Quaid the cop. The Prowler's encounter with Scorpion. Miles and Ganke's encounter with the RA and Judge. And a fantastic cliffhanger. This issue has pretty much everything any comic book fan could possibly want. Humor in the first instance, deadly threats in the second, and amazing interpersonal relationships in the last. David Marquez's art was also spot-on. This is the most fun book of the Ultimate Universe, no doubt about it.

Wolverine and the X-Men 8 - First of all, the cover was intense! I want to see Wolverine going old school nuts sometime soon. Annnnnnnd, Sabertooth is still insane. I'm always happy to see him murderously rampaging on some people, but I did find this one a little unlikely. (He's working for the kids? Maybe the idea of the kids just bothers me.) Plus, Beast's scene without the helmet in space really pissed me off. I know we're talking about comics, and there's a certain suspension of disbelief, but... Damn, come on. The kids going to Sin to get the matter transmuter, though, was a great touch. I know that Angel can come across as a little annoying, but I'm very, very interested in Genesis and what his role is going to be. This book is great fun.

Book of the week goes to Animal Man. The sheer insanity of the book takes it over all the other books this week which were all solid in a superb way.

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