Monday, March 26, 2012

comics for the week of 03/21/12.

After a magnificent week last week, this time around, I only picked up two books and, honestly, I wasn't very happy with either of them.

Batman 7 - Well, the Court of the Owls story has now passed a point where I'm automatically impressed with everything that happens. Sure, this is another great issue from Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo has more than proven me wrong with his artistic talents on the book. However, here we find out that the Talons and the Court and Haley's Circus had some kind of shady deal and it's all so provoking and then Bruce hits Dick Grayson, but psych! it was only to knock out the secret bring-you-back-to-life-for-the-bad-guys implant! Oh. OK. I'm not super psyched on the so-called revelation, nor on the needless convoluting of what was already a solid story. However, the fact remains that Snyder's got a solid grip on the Batman mythos and his book is one of the best that DC is putting out.

Fables 116 - A great addition, along the lines of last issue, split into at least three distinct stories. We track the wolf cub, the revolution in Oz and the goings-on in New Fabletown, where things are going to get difficult very soon. Silly Nurse Sprat is going to be quite the formidable enemy. Also, I'm very worried for Therese. The toys seem to usurping her will to escape. All in all, a solid issue, sure, but not much happening.

Neither of the comics was great this week, but Batman gets the nod, despite my frustration with the stupid retcon of Dick Grayson's past. Book of the week goes to Scott Snyder, in whom I have faith.

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