Monday, March 12, 2012

comics for the week of 03/08/12.

Quality rules. Quantity is a stupid measure. DC should learn this.

Animal Man 7 - Still one of the best books DC is putting out, to my shock and awe. Here, we get a glimpse of the future and we see Maxine as the important element she is. The trouble with investing myself here is that it feels like all of this is only a placeholder, especially with that ridiculously stupid Justice League backup with Pandora. (Great naming job.) I don't want to invest myself in characters like Animal Man and Maxine only to have them ripped away a la Dick Grayson's Batman. Anyway, here we see that the Rot really, truly is gross, that it's kicking the ass of the Green and that Swamp Thing will be involved in the battle with either Buddy or Maxine or both. It sounds simple, but it's well done.

Fairest 1 - The cover was cool, the Jiminez art inside was nice, and the story was more than satisfactory, but just like with Jack of Fables, I feel like this one is not for me. I was happy to try it out and I like the idea of Ali Baba interacting with the ladies, but I can't bring myself to invest in yet another angle where there are already so many going on in Fables.

Rachel Rising 6 - Terry Moore is crafting one seriously messed up story. I have no idea where he's really going with this, but it seems like every issue is getting darker and darker. I'm quite fine with that because he's doing a hell of a job with it. Here, we have a variation on his typical man, insofar as the guy seems to be a friend, but then turns out to be a weirdo creep. Most of them don't even get that chance. We've got some tragic deaths and we've got the most interesting end to any issue of this series that he's thus far crafted. There seem to be some serious Big Powers at play here; I wonder if we'll ever get that aspect, or if the story will stick on the little people that do the actual fighting for the generals. I'd be happy either way, I think, but knowing Moore, we're in for some serious focus on the grunts/pawns/foot soldiers. Buckle up.

Ultimate Spider-Man 8 - The most fun comic that I've got going for me continues to get better and better. Here we see Miles' uncle Aaron try to work his charm on some educated ladies and get shot down pretty hard. We see Ganke playing the best friend role that was once perfected by Foggy Nelson to the next best degree since then. We see a cop who's got an interest in the new Spider-Man and is clearly going to become a great minor character, we see the Scorpion who is a for real bad guy, and, hilariously, we see the Ringer get taken down by Spidey yet again. Some guys can never catch a break. Intriguingly, we also have a preface with Aunt May and Gwen Stacy in Paris. That's not gonna go over well.

Swamp Thing 7 - This might be the second best DC title coming out, after Batwoman. The art by Yanick is amazing and Snyder is crafting just as fine a story in this book as he's doing with Batman. The sacrifice of Alec Holland is the centerpiece of this issue, but we also get to see nearly everyone acting in ways that defy their base characters: the Parliament, Alec (of course) and even Abagail is fighting against her most primal desires. Seethe (is that really what we're gonna call him? Seems a bit weak) is being set up as a fantastic archnemesis for Swampy, even without any of the intrigue of his sister and their relationship. If the Travel Foreman art in Animal Man took some getting used to, Paquette's art here feels like a second skin. The gorgeous colors and the flow of the pages is enough to draw even a casual fan in. However, if they're looking for standard superhero fare, I can see them being turned away by the graphic representation of the Red, and Alec's transformation into Swamp Thing and his retaliation. If you're into comic books, though, this is the one for you.

Book of the week goes to Swamp Thing. Snyder is hitting on all cylinders at this point. There's almost nowhere I wouldn't follow him.

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