Monday, March 5, 2012

comics for the week of 03/01/12.

There's nothing like comics. When I had my chat session with some of my fellow nerds lately, it was one of the most fun three-hour periods of yelling that I've recently had. I don't understand people who don't like comic books.

Angel & Faith 7 - Drusilla is sane! Really! And Faith's dad is just as bad as we suspected. That's pretty much the gist of this issue other than to say that Dru gives us some of the best insight into Angel that we've had throughout this entire series' run. Which is a bit worrisome, to be honest. But it's no surprise: Angel is pretty singularly dedicated to this task that he thinks is before him (bringing Giles back) and he's gone further with it than he's confided in Faith. Meanwhile, Faith's daddy is a baddy. Shocker. That sounds sarcastic, but I'm truly enjoying this title.

FF 15 - The other side of the story is just as good. FF is a solid title that is serving both on its own and also serving up as definite evidence that Hickman has got too much to say. My friend Dave recently told me that the word is that Hickman is jumping off this title, and I guess I can see that, if he's told the story that he set out to tell, but it's clear there's some more to tell, too. I'm hoping that he's getting to leave on his terms (I can't imagine how else it could be happening - this is the best Fantastic Four has been in...ever?) and that he'll get to finish that story up. The whole time travel with Nathaniel Richards, not to mention the kids, makes things seem like they're not going to be very sticky when he leaves, but I'm hoping that's not the case. Galactus being gone, along with Doom, at least for a while, will force the next writer to truly innovate, too, instead of falling back on those old tricks. Double bravo.

Invincible 89 - I'm not going to say that the cover was a fakeout because it definitely wasn't, but I truly do not feel that Mark is any kind of mortal danger. I'm positive that Mark is around for the long term. The more interesting wrinkle from this issue is the revelation, to everyone that matters, of the Viltrumite invasion of Earth. It's a seriously troubling development, and while we, as readers, have had quite a while to get used to it, I can't imagine that Cecil is going to take this very well. I'm sure we'll get an issue in the near future (maybe next ish?) where Allen is wrestling with his feelings on this turn of events, too. Allen and Mark and pretty great friends, and I'm sure that in 100 of the scenarios he imagined, Allen did not foresee this outcome. Meanwhile, Eve is handling business.

Justice League 6 - The end of the arc and the end of my commitment to buying this shitty title. There's not a lot to say here. The JL defeats Darkseid, some reporter narrates a lot of the issue and Bruce gets a look at Apokolips. Barry and Hal are kind of on their way to being the pair we expected them to be, but the whole thing seems like an exercise in trivia; who cares? The art's not even that good, to be honest.

The Ultimates 7 - I'm confused as to the Xian and Zorn/Xorn thing, but this book is so good! Hickman working another angle here, but still telling a story that is super engaging. I honestly don't even remember what happened in this book versus Ultimate X-Men, but that's also not something I mind. It was delightful to see the Hulk again, especially in such control, at least, until he realized what the threat was. His going nuts on the City is something that I'm looking forward to even more, given the levels they've pumped him up to in this Ultimate Universe.

The Unwritten 34.5 - Bizarre to see Mme. Rausch as a kind of a good guy here, serving as the introduction to Wilson Taylor and his experience with the Leviathan. The Powers That Be's appearance in this story wasn't entirely unexpected, but the degree to which Wilson Taylor bent him (it? her? them?) and his power to his will so easily and so quickly was really the shocking thing about this issue. It's no surprise, then, that the Cabal is so possessive of Taylor when we later see them all: his powers are vast. Here we see that Tommy isn't the only one who works his magic ferociously and without mercy when it comes to saving his own skin.

Ultimate X-Men 8 - I'm not sure at this point which of the Ultimate titles I'm supposed to read first, as the crossover that's happening between the X book and the Ultimates book is extremely intense. However, I don't think my enjoyment of the title depends on reading one first either. The story is basically being split between the two books (just like FF and Fantastic Four, but with different writers here in the Ultimate Universe) and it's just as good in each. The way the telepathy angle is handled, on multiple ends, makes it tough to tell where the lies are and what the truth is going to end up being, but as per my complaint with Quicksilver, I'm not sure I'd have it any other way. The story possibilities are super intriguing, especially with the Eternals/Celestials component, and the fact that Jean Grey is smack dab in the middle of this just means that it's going to be a story that matters.

Book of the week goes to FF. Hickman could have easily won for his Ultimates book, too, but the way the story is intertwining with just him in the mainstream Marvel Universe is superimpressive to me.

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