Monday, February 27, 2012

comics for the week of 02/15/12.

A solid week, but nothing worth bragging about. I feel like I'm ripe for some serious change.

Batman 6 - A solid continuation of the storyline that I feel like I didn't enjoy as much as my friends did, especially after the epic nature of issue 5. I also thought it was going to conclude the arc and while I'm happy it didn't (the story deserves more!) it was a little bit of a gotcha. With this issue, though, Snyder has confirmed, for me, that this story is not just something that's going to be hot this year. It's something that's going to have real roots (backwards in time even) and reach, with these characters sticking around. Shit, they've got Professor Pyg in Arkham nowadays, so I'm sure the Court of the Owls is going to be a big deal. This just shows more and more how transcendent Snyder is becoming. Is he the single best cape and tights superhero plotter? I'm gonna have to hedge my answer for now, because of Kirkman, but he's fast approaching that level.

Fables 114 - It's past redundant to say this, but Fables kicks ass every month. I was shocked when they surpassed the Adversary story in such less space of issues, but it's been even better since the Dark Man's been beaten. The storylines that are going on right now are all engaging, even more so with the Wolves and the Wind storyline since the North Wind made his sacrifice. Even the Oz arc isn't bothering me the way it used to. In this issue, we get to see one of the baby wolves get duped by a seriously sinister looking toy boat, as well as the start of a clean up to Fabletown (yeah, good call not calling it Castle Dark anymore) that's going to be fractured by the former fat lady. Damn, this book is good.

Ultimate X-Men 7 - The all-Quicksilver issue wasn't bad, but the interaction with Wanda is still weird, because I still can't tell whether she's really supposed to be alive, or if she's actually in Pietro's head and he's genuinely crazy. But the reveal at the end wasn't that shocking given the dialogue and it doesn't actually clear anything up for me regarding Wanda and her life status. I'm guessing this is going to be a big deal, though, especially since Pietro's been in the White House, and it looks like this whole Nimrod debacle is his fault and maybe his doing.

Book of the week goes to Fables for maintaining that level. Even when we're bouncing around between stories, not getting much in each, it's better than most comics out there. But if Snyder continues to write Batman like he has, Vertigo titles won't stand a chance.

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