Monday, February 13, 2012

comics for the week of 02/08/12.

Tons of good stuff and not much bad to say. You can't ask for much more than that.

Batwoman 6 - Not drawn by JH Williams, still satisfying. While I was happy with the story and the art, I do have to say that if it's going to be a half and half thing, I might have trouble maintaining my love for this title. When Williams is drawing this bad boy it's clearly head and shoulders above all the other superhero books. When he's not, well, it's not. I know that sounds simplistic, but that doesn't mean it's not true. The story here is best when it's in the present, with Kane working for the DEO, but it's definitely clear that Williams is not just a penciller - he's got solid ideas that are being fleshed out in the flashbacks, and I'm along for the ride. Keep up this end and we'll all have nothing to worry about

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 6 - An interesting look back at Nikki and Robin. The whole time I was reading this issue, I thought Robin was Gunn, and that made me wonder when the first instance of someone from the Angelverse for sure appearing in the Dark Horse Buffyverse will occur. (Like, for instance: Wasn't Gunn solidly a vampire last time we saw him? I gave up on the Angel book sometime after LA became Hell. It was too much for me. But I occasionally still Byrne-stole it. So I'm passingly familiar. But obviously not enough so. Unless they're changing things. Which I think they said they were going to have to do...) Getting back on track, there's no way Buffy's really going to have an abortion, right? And are we all solidly on the idea that she didn't just get drunk, pass out, and become pregnant? There's got to be more to this than that. Even if we're trying a back to basics approach for Season Nine, that seems a little above and beyond. That's not basics. That's...poor judgment. And I know Buffy's never been the best judge, but...this seems beyond the pale.

Green Lantern 6 - With a focus on the non-hero side of Hal, I actually found myself liking this book more. I don't really know why. I have no interest in Hal Jordan as a character, but maybe it was just so refreshing to see him operating on a level we don't normally get to see. The Sinestro side story was also better than normal. Although I didn't really enjoy Mike Choi's art, I think this might have been my favorite issue since the relaunch. I'll be curious to see how Carol blames Hal for this when it's clear that he doesn't really want it (as of this moment).

Powers 8 - Not worth the wait. Not even really gonna get into it, because it's not worth talking about unless it's really going to continue. But I will say that it was refreshing to read Bendis taking ultimate responsibility in the letters column and to hear him say there were no excuses. I'll give a recap for 8 and 9 if/when 9 comes out.

Resurrection Man 6 - Mitch is trapped in Arkham! Great premise for this book, with the guards unwilling to kill him, but totally willing to use him in any other way for their own benefit. Of course, the ending is perfect, showing that single-issue comics can still have magnitude and meaning. Here's to looking forward to resuming the overarching plot, while still having the flexibility to take these sorts of detours.

The Unwritten 34 - Tom Taylor takes on the Cabal! Last issue, it looked like Tommy was up the creek, but this issue, he pulls a rabbit out of his hat, and things turn out all right. Pretty impressive, of course, especially on the parts of Lizzie and Savoy. Savoy in particular has really come into his own since taking his vampire fall, and I love where this is going, insofar as the showdown between Pullman and Tom.

Wolverine and the X-Men 5 - Problems are cropping up for the school, in that most historied kind of way. The only problem I had with this issue was the fact that the new penciller, whom I admitted I like just fine, really screwed the pooch with Bobby. He looked like he was approximately 12 years old, playing dress up in his dad's suit. The way that Wolvie is going to deal with the money problems will be interesting, although not a surprise, thanks to the ads. The ongoing dilemma with the students at the school, though, is really where the bread and meat of this series gains its traction. I love Lil' Brood and the introduction of Genesis is going to give everyone tons of ground to trod upon. Really liking this book.

Book of the week goes to Buffy. In continuing to explore real world problems in a fantastic setting, they're doing things that other comic writers have been perpetually scared to do.

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