Tuesday, January 17, 2012

comics for the week of 1/11/12.

Huge stack this week and Albuquerque Comic Con this weekend. What a nice time to be alive.

Batwoman 5 - All of the New52 offerings seem to be running 5 issue arcs to start their shit show and you know what? I don't mind at all. You know why? Because of this book. To have this book, by JH Williams, as a monthly, in the face of all the BS, is worth it. In this issue, Kate solves the mystery of La Llorona, encounters the DEO, has a hard conversation with Bruce Wayne, and does it all in a style that no one else is doing in comic books. No one. Big Two, Big Three, Indy Print, I don't care who it is. This comic is what someone should be given if they say they don't like comics. If they're an art fan, or a storytelling fan, and they tell you after they read it that they were unimpressed, you should no longer be their friend. It's that good.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer 5 - Buffy gets a semi-filler issue, but it's great in the way that Buffy episodes involving dreams used to be. Any time there was a dream, you could tell it was going to be important. This is no different. The first slayer shows up with an important message, as does a Tinkerbell-like figure, and Willow absconds with the scythe, but it seems to be for good purposes. The final page cliffhanger should be a big deal and I'm freaking out over it a little bit, but I can't help but think it's a ruse, and it'll all work out without any longterm ramifications. Which is a shame. Everyone else has moved forward with their lives. Buffy, on the other hand, has only moved on from schools. She hasn't realy done any moving forward. Let's fix that. Maybe not like this. But somehow.

Green Lantern 5 - Hal's apprenticeship under Sinestro (part XXVII) ends with him not having a ring (surprise, surprise) but he does seem to have changed. I can't tell what's happening with him (or with Carol) but I doubt that it's going to be like she thinks it is. Sinestro, however, gets to be his usual super-interesting self. I can't help but think that he will be the most interesting character in this book for a long, long time, seeing as the rest of the Corps have their own spotlight nowadays and the reality that Hal Jordan, as a character, just isn't that compelling in the last five years. That being said, this was a solid read.

Invincible 87 - The encounter between Allen & Oliver and Mark went approximately like I thought it would, with the nice last-page wrinkle being thrown in. However, the meat of this issue came from Mark's conversation with Eve. Cecil showing up was a nice move by him (and great anticipation by Mark) but I think it actually was a step backwards. If Mark had more time along with Eve, I think she could convince him of the error of his ways. She's pretty much the only one he'd ever listen to. But with the constant distractions, she missed her opportunity, and I believe that we're going to continue to see Mark slide off the deep end of crazy. It'll be a fun ride.

Resurrection Man 5 - This is the only book I read that made me believe it's not going to be solidly 5-issue arcs out of DC Comics from now on. This seems to have sort of that serial feel where every issue bleeds into the next but there remains the possibility of self-contained stories. Here we see that Mitch has kind of died, although he's being transported to Arkyham, as an analogue of Hell, while his body is being fought over topside. There was a lot of backstory, which seems to contradict much of what happened in the earlier series, but I'm not super upset over that. The biggest takeaway is that Mitch might be a now-integral part of the formation of the New52. I wonder if they had plans to tie everyone into the mythos in a really important way. That would impress me with the degree of planning, which must mean they don't. Just a happy coincidence that I happen to be reading the D-Level book that gets the A-Level treatment.

Scarlet Spider 1 - I was intrigued enough by the idea to pick this up at the shop. And I liked the story. I liked the art. I liked the acknowledgement of an era that wasn't really as bad as it got painted. But I'm not sure I liked the execution well enough to stick with it past this issue. Here, we get the story of a reborn Kaine, who apparently, has already been back (thanks to Spider Island, which I didn't read, thanks to Joe Q and Brand New Day) but now is rebron and well. (He died? Again? Um...OK.) Kaine's fighting against being a hero (which is a pretty Ben Reilly thing to do, so I'm OK with the naming of this series) but we all know he's going to lose that fight. I mainly just want to see if he's going to make it to New York, talk to Peter, and divide the city, like he and Ben used to do. If there could be some coordination, that'd be great. If not? Well, that essentially makes it a mini that no one references, which puts it almost in the Elseworlds (I know, different companies) category: intriguing, but not worth much in the grand scheme of things. I'll stick with it until they convince me not to.

The Unwritten 33 - Tom Taylor walks into a trap and gets bitch slapped pretty fiercely. It's only going to get worse. With the whole world rooting for him, it turns out the Cabal have some pretty strong voices, too, so that doesn't work out so perfectly for the man who thinks he's in charge. The gang is going to have to take care of this, methinks, but I'm not quite sure if they're up to the task. Lizzie certainly seems devoted to the cause, but she doesn't have Savoy's powers. Savoy's got the power, but he might be a bit too bright to go charging in the way Lizzie will want to. This sets up quite the predicament, and Pullman still is pulling quite a few strings behind the scenes.

Wolverine and the X-Men 4 - New artist I was worried about? No problems whatsoever. This book continues to be great in every way. The story, its intersection with X-Force and the old school feel of the plot? Pitch perfect. The cartoony art, significantly different than Bachelo's? Still amazing. Here we see the introduction of Genesis and Angel to the school and each present their own set of problems. We get one of those glimpses into the future that the X books are so famous for, and we see another timeline which is going to cause all kinds of problems. We also get to continue to explore Deathlok as a solid character. Bravo for a job well done.

Ultimate X-Men 6 - Last but not least, Kitty Pryde kicks some ass. Rogue turns out (maybe) not to be such a betraying wench, but Stryker is (maybe) dead and his last command is going to present quite a few problems for these X babies. My thinking is that Pietro is going to turn up, save the day, and (maybe) not be (quite such) a bad guy. Jimmy is still playing a bit role that I'd love him to get out of, but there are plenty of paths left for him. With significant character development, lots of laugh worthy lines, and solid plot movement, this is a great addition to the new Ultimate Universe.

Book of the week goes to Batwoman. This book is to the rest of super hero comics what Locke & Key is to comics in general.

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