Tuesday, January 10, 2012

comics for the week of 01/04/12.

I'm having trouble keeping up. I make no excuses, simply report the facts.

Animal Man 5 - Buddy gets to experience all kinds of nightmares in this issue as we continue down the path of pure terror. Whereas the connection between this book and Swamp Thing was implied at first, it seems like next issue is going to be our first explicit touch. I love that. I love that this is a shared universe. It exemplifies the best things about the New 52 and gives me hope that more writers can get up to the level of Snyder and Lemire. Going back to the main story, it seems as though, perhaps, both Animal Man and his daughter should have listened a bit more to the cat. (Does she have a name? Am I forgetting? Ah yes, Socks! Funny.) The ending promises some heavy duty action next month.

Rachel Rising 4 - Terry Moore has seriously stepped up his game. In all reality, I can't say that, because I only read the first issue of Echo. Since its completion, people have told me that I need to try it out again, and with Rachel Rising at the level it is, I feel pretty compelled to. This book (and all the books I got last week!) is seriously a straight-up horror comic. There is some seriously dark stuff happening, and not all of it is totally comprehendible. That's great with me, too, as I love the mystery aspect (and the dark humor of Aunt Johnny) of Rachel and her death.

Swamp Thing 5 - This seems like the focal point. The ties between Animal Man and this book are great, but the central nature of a character like Swamp Thing, with the mythology and history of the character, the Parliament, the Green, the Black (and now the Red)...it's bordering on an A-List title. This issue sees that even in the world of comic books, our most base instincts should never be trusted. Swampy goes in for a little love and...lo and behold, gets screwed over for it. The interaction between he and Animal Man should be really, really good. Here's to hoping that the story can bounce back and forth in a truly collaborative way, as opposed to just being two sides of the same story. The backstory in this issue was awesome, too, and the art of Paquette is really reaching another level.

Book of the week goes to Rachel Rising. I'm so happy to be truly enjoying another Terry Moore creation, after dismissing myself from Echo, and the sour taste left by the ending of SiP that it really deserves the honor.

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