Monday, December 12, 2011

comics for the week of 12/8/11.

It's funny to me how the people who were defending the whole New 52 are now silent. It's clear that the idea was a bad one and that the implementation, while it may have move a whole lot of copies in the first few months, is now falling off. The books are, for the most part, by and large, not very good. By my count, there are only four truly great books; only four that count as gotta-get-em-all Pokemon level. There are at least 8 more that could be good, depending on your taste, but that's way less than a quarter of the books. That's a failure no matter how you cut it. However, here's where the exception comes in: This week? Both of the books I picked up are in that Pokemon category.

Animal Man 4 - The weirdest book of the relaunch and still one of the best. The one I was looking forward to the least out of all the books I was excited for, and, perhaps, in the top three overall. This week, we got to see the continuing development of Wing, the daughter, as well as some explanation from the totems (the guardians, if you will?) of the red. Plus, mom and little Buddy are in trouble from the dead cop, but we knew that from last issue. This one took place more in the red, which is OK with me. The backstory that we're getting fits in perfectly with how truly odd Jeff Lemire is and how his comics get, and yet it's coming from the mainstream DC Universe. This, alone is worth the price of admission.

Swamp Thing 4 - Issue three seemed like it might be bordering on moving toward the disappointing, but this issue solidified the truth: This comic will kill until Scott Snyder decides he's done with it. He might be the best consistent writer in the biz now? The relationship that's brewing between Alec and Abby is not only interesting because of her character's past with Swamp Thing, but her relationship with the little boy, William, who is turning into quite a formidable villain right before our eyes. This comic is solidly one of the best being put out right now and I love how it walks the line between straight horror comic and telling an overarching story at the same time. A lot of the times, all the straight horror lines want to do is shock, shock, shock, with no concern for what has to come after, nor for what came before. That clearly is not the case here.

Book of the week is Swamp Thing. The way that Snyder crafts a comic is unique in this world, and he's nearing the height of his powers. Get in while you can.

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