Thursday, December 15, 2011

comics for the week of 12/14/11.

Balls. What a week. This was probably the best week in comics all year, and I didn't even buy everything that was great. I haven't jumped into Atomic Robo yet, despite my friends' urging, and I'm not buying Uncanny X-Force, but the Dark Archangel Saga wrapped and damn, it was emotional. And that's just the stuff that you're not gonna get to read reviews of below!

Batwoman 4 - Yeah...Flamebird. She messed up. Things are going to get worse for Kate Kane and the world she's inhabiting. I don't think that Bruce is going to be happy about all this, as they're trying to maintain a kind of cohesive universe and we've seen him turn up already. But the biggest thing is: THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! I'm not gonna waste any more of my time trying to convince y'all.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer 4 - The Siphon gets smacked up, as we knew he would, but his mysterious benefactor stands revealed! This is what people were talking about when they wanted the quote-unquote old Buffy back. More relationships. More people. More believability. (Yes, people want their fiction to be grounded in truth. How odd we are.) I'm not of that mind, as I didn't really rage against Season 8 the way others did, but I will say this: It's nice to have the old Buffy back. The inclusion of Spike in this book, as noted before, is a solid touch. He brings something to the group that no one else could, even when they tried, in the TV days, to force the role on Andrew. The commentary from Dawn and Xander seemed on point, and the development of a maybe-friendship with the police offers an interesting angle for the future.

Green Lantern 4 - The Manapul variant was awesome and this was the best single issue of the run since the relaunch. Sinestro is finding that his home is not quite as pleasant as he thought he made it. Jordan pays the price for not listening to instructions, and Sinestro gets tortured. Of course, he's not gonna break, which you think the characters that he trained would realize a whole lot faster than us readers, but, alas (for them) it's not the case. The issue does move slow, though, and we don't have a lot of change from last issue. However, I'm glad to see that something is finally going to happen next month. Let's go.

Locke & Key 3 - God! This book is ridiculously good! I'm not even going to get into the buying advice. You're dumb if you're not getting it yet. In this issue, we get to travel back in time with Kinsey and Tyler, while Bode (as Dodge) doesn't move much, due to the aforementioned time travel. We see some of the origins of Keyhouse that we've already been privy to, but Ty and Kinsey get to see so much more that isn't detailed for us. The only problem with this issue is that it leaves you wanting so much more, so soon, and it's going to be so long until we get another issue. The cover to the next issue, by the way, is a fantastic change on this one.

Resurrection Man 4 - Seriously fun. You're missing out if you're not getting this. The old man supervillain turns out to be a kid who invented his suit, which artificially ages him. (Of course he does.) The Body Doubles actually have a conversation with Mitch. (Of course they do.) And, at the end, it looks as though Mitch has died. (Of course it does.) It's pencilled in a style that looks like some of those shitty comics from the 90s and it feels like the plotline is going to go that way, too. But there's nothing wrong with that; not everything has to be a classic album. Sometimes, it's just fun to go for a ride.

The Unwritten 32 - Tom's magic is not working out quite as well as he'd like it to, and it seems as though Frankenstein is the one who's going to have to pay a price for that. Poor bastard. The relationship between Tom and Lizzie and Savoy is going to take a turn during this story line, I think. They just all are approaching this from such disparate angles that it's hard to believe that it's going to turn out OK for everyone. The Cabal gets to planning their counterattack, thanks to Pullman's advice. It looks like Tom's in for a world of hurt.

Ultimate X-Men 4 - A bit of the backstory on Stryker, but good God, the thing that stands out about this book is the art. It's almost perfect comic book art. Paco Medina just kills it. Also, Kitty and Johnny get into quite the tiff. This book is good, but not as good as I originally was excited about. It's definitely the weakest of the new Ultimate Universe, but when you're dealing with something that's at a high level to begin with, that's not a bad thing. The threads are there, but the execution just isn't coming together. Yet. I'm willing to give it some more time, but this book might be on the chopping block if it doesn't step up to the rest of the Universe pretty quickly.

Book of the week is Locke & Key. I'm almost unwilling to give it to anything else, no matter what came out that week. Spidey could get remarried to Mary Jane and I think I would love Locke & Key too much. They printed another comic from the Kate or Die! lady, which was awesome. They've crafted an impeccable story. And, lastly, it's gorgeous. You're a fool if you haven't jumped in yet.

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