Saturday, November 12, 2011

comics for the week of 11/9/11.

Apparently I forgot to put this up. My bad.

Batwoman 3 - The fight with La Llorona gets real and Batwoman comes out a victor in at least one sense. However, her relationship with Maggie takes a bad turn, and she kicks her cousin out of the fight, setting up some bad circumstances. The DEO takes on the Colonel and he shuts them down. The art, as always, is the most beautiful thing I've seen outside of Locke & Key. The premise, the setup, the follow-through...everything is good here. This book delivers on a level that no other books even aspire to.

Buffy 3 - The reveal of the Siphon was well done, and Spike gets to fulfill his promise of becoming a more major character again. However, I do have to say, this book is falling a bit behind for me insofar as its booming start. The lack of the Scooby gang, and the casual way they were dismissed in this issue, is starting to bother me. While it's funny to see Andrew spacing on Lady Gaga and I know that Willow will come back and star, it was sad to see Xander and Dawn kind of turn their backs on Buffy. Spike alone cannot take those places. And the last-page reveal sets me up for next issue, but I'm curious how long this can last. I want the band to get back together.

Green Lantern 3 - Sinestro's battle with his Yellow Corps begins - and Hal messes up as only he can. The biggest part of this issue, though, seems like the long-term plans with Ganthet. I'm intrigued by this development with the third army. This book is maintaining its pace as one of the best in the DCnU, but is the most obviously non-rebooted book.

Rachel Rising 3 - This book continues to baffle in the best way. We have a clear bad guy, we have some bad shit going on, but I'm not quite sure who the good guy is or what exactly is happening, either. All that being said, I love this book. It's so odd, it's so different than the rest of the books that I'm reading, it makes me want to go back and pick up Echo. Terry Moore is a great storyteller.

Resurrection Man 3 - The Body Doubles really get this issue to themselves, other than Mitch's conversation in Limbo with...a demon? It's a fun issue, but it's also indicative of how this book is probably going to be canceled. There's just not a lot of room for books where we just have fun...which is a shame. The ending, with the obvious not-a-surprise, was worthy of a chuckle, but not much more.

The Unwritten 31 - The War of Words begins here (as it says on the cover) and it's going to be awesome! Tom's mastering his magic and Lizzie is worried it's not gonna last. Spolier: she's right. Tom's gonna be in a world full of hurt at the end of this war, would be my guess. But he'll score at least one important victory. The end of this series might be a lot closer than some people realize.

Ultimate Spider-Man 4 - I wish this book came out more frequently. It's so good. The only bad part is the compressed storytelling, where we get to (have to?) see the death of Peter Parker and his funeral over again. The scenes with Gwen were nice, though, I didn't mind seeing a new angle on that. Also, the ending was killer.

Book of the week goes to Batwoman. This is, by far, the best superhero book being made now.

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