Monday, November 21, 2011

comics for the week of 11/16/11.

The quirkiest thing about the DCnU is how it plays havoc with all the other numbering systems. Rachel Rising, the new Ultimate books, etc. just so happen to be closely aligned with the relaunch which means that some weeks, all of the books I pick up are the same number. This might have never happened before.

Batman 3 - The Court of Owls is here! People are freaking out over this issue (in a good way) and it was good, don't get me wrong, but where were these people's cheers for the last two months? Batman by Scott Snyder has always been this good, maybe even more so when Batman was Dick Grayson. (Although that might be the bitterness speaking.) The rich backstory that's being weaved here feels much less like a retcon and much more like something that would actually happen in Gotham. I'm still really interested in the reason for the Grayson DNA, but I'm sure that's not the type of detail that Snyder hasn't got planned all the way out. If you like your Batman to be the best, you should accept no substitute for Snyder. Just because people were pleasantly surprised by how not bad Tony Daniels was on Detective is no reason to act like there's not a clear king. This is it, folks.

Justice League 3 - Wonder Woman is a weirdass who acts more like an alien than Superman and Aquaman is gonna try on his badass act for a little while. Overall, it's kind of a drag. We have the re-introduction of Darkseid happening and I guess it's cool for people who have been out of comics for 20 years, but for the rest of us, there have been so many spins on him in the last 5-10 that it's just more of the same. He's bounced from Superman/Batman to Infinite Crisis and everywhere in between and I don't care how much faith I previously had in Geoff Johns, there's no way that I think he's actually gonna get a fresh take on the New God. Especially not when so much of that supposedly fresh take depends on Jim Lee pencils making the paratroopers look 'different', hinting that Darkseid might be infinitely powerful, and alienating voices coming out of characters that I've known for a long, long time. I'm off this book at the end of the first arc and if I wasn't such a junkie, I would just drop it now.

Ultimate X-Men 3 - Wolverine's kid returns with a friend and Bobby, Johnny and Kitty don't actually go anywhere or do anything. This was a disappointment after the excitement of issue two, and I feel like this book will probably get dropped soon, as I don't actually care about most of these characters. Jimmy is interesting, Pietro looks like he might go somewhere, and I want to see Johnny meet up with the new Spidey, but I feel like that's more likely to happen over in Ultimate Spider-Man. As for the compelling are the X-Men? It always depends on Magneto. And if they're just struggling against the specter of his ghost (yes, I did that on purpose)....well, I don't think the draw can last very long at the level that it did previously. I reserve the right to be pleasantly surprised, though.

Book of the week is Batman. Between this and Batwoman, it's clear that there are some great things happening at DC. Too bad it took such a piss-poor drastic measure to get some great titles, which, for what it's worth, were already being produced. The sweet with the sour, I guess.

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