Tuesday, October 25, 2011

comics for the week of 10/19/11.

Short stack. All DC (including Vertigo). I'm sticking with them despite my beefs with the DCnU. Guess they're not foolish to think they can punch me in the mouth and that I'll be back, because here I am.

Batman 2 - The Court of Owls makes its debut and Nightwing and Bruce have a chat. The storylines that are running concurrently in Nightwing, Batman and even (maybe) Batman and Robin really make me feel hope for this New 52 Universe. However, that's kind of beside the point. Here, we have some solid art from Capullo as well as more great storytelling from Snyder (although I have to say - it reminded me of the David Finch run on Dark Knight before the DCnU and that's not a good thing at all. Here's to hoping it'll get off that style) combining to introduce this retcon of the Court of Owls. It'll be cool, but everytime they introduce some supposedly always important architecture in Gotham, it always makes me think of some fanatic who's got a model of the city in his basement and curses their compulsions. (Theirs?) Capullo's Gordon still looks a bit odd, but I love the way that he's trying to ape some of the greater B:TAS elements, in the big heads and the pointy cowl ears. Good stuff here. You're a fool if you're not reading.

Fables 110 - Some great characterizations of the various Winds! The tests of the baby Wolves continues and the last page of baby girl Wolf finding that box...wow. Good things are ahead. Fables is a book, like the Walking Dead, that I hope continues (almost literally) forever. There are so, so, so many things they can do with it and, honestly, if you've been reading since the first issue, it's progressed so much. It's an incredible read in a great time for alternacomics. In this issue, we saw the other Winds and we got to see some of the backstory between the family. The OZ adventures continue, but that's the weakest part of the recent run. And, of course, the baby Winds are going through their tests, which we know mean nothing, but they don't. The last-page discovery has some serious ramifications.

Justice League 2 - Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Flash fight, of course, but it's actually pretty good. The issue felt thick, which was good, cuz it was still 3.99. Now that we've had a whole month of other books and we see where the characters are on their own, I'm liking the 5 Years Ago setting of JL. It works better for me because I have a contrast for it, while the first issue was our big get to know you, this one felt fresh, even though we just had fresh. Not a bad thing. The Jim Lee pencils are so sweet, I don't understand people who claim not to like them. I'll include that Johns' scripting felt better, but I can't shake the feeling that he's lost it. Especially in the moments with Vic Stone (the soon-to-be Cyborg) it just felt awkward. I don't care about this character and it doesn't feel like the writer does either. You lose a lot of momentum/impetus when it comes across lazy. Here's to hoping it'll come around.

Book of the week goes to Fables. This book is everything I thought it could be when it first debuted and I am shocked that I can continue to say that, month in and month out. Bravo.

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