Tuesday, October 18, 2011

comics for the week of 10/12/11.

Somehow, I missed FF 10 this week. I read it at a friend's house, but I didn't buy it, so I'm not including it here. You should hear me, though, when I say that it was good (not Book of the Week good) and you should buy it. This book keeps getting better and better, except for that very, very odd misstep with the art on the two-part arc devoted to Black Bolt. Other than that, not much to note..

Batwoman 2 - As good as it gets. This book is what comics should be and it's what comics could be Unfortunately, not too many people are going to pick it up. It'll sell enough copies to keep going, because what JH Williams III is doing is so revolutionary, but it's not going to be up near the top like it should be. This comic should be getting written about the way the Unwritten was when it first dropped and yet (maybe because of the reboot?) it's just another new hot piece. In this issue, we got great development between Kate and her sidekick (and how brutal was the line from Bruce about Jason?) as well as Kate and her (maybe) girlfriend. We've got great movement on the La Llorona case and we've got an interesting new angle on the DEO. (Is that right?) Really, really, really great stuff. There's no doubt that this is the second-best book on the market, after Locke & Key.

Buffy Season 9 2 - Buffy continues to run away from the Season 8 debacle (that I didn't really feel was as bad as others made it out to be) in a stunning fashion. After the ending to issue one, it was clear that this was going to be a tonally different book and that's not a bad thing, even though I didn't dislike Season 8, as others did, like I've said. However, there can be no doubt that this is going to be a different look. The relationships are back at center-stage, notably focusing on Willow and Buffy. The role that Spike is going to get to play in this drama, really though, is going to be the biggest change in this book. He was a bit-player in Season 8 and it's looking like he's going to get center stage in Season 9. Other notables include a detective and his partner working on Buffy's case, Buffy being arrested and the reveal at the end of the issue that there might be some alternative slayage happening. This is interesting, but it's a slow build, as opposed to Angel & Faith's right out the door excitement. I'm not against it, but...it's not fantastically compelling either.

Green Lantern 2 - Repeat my comments from last month on GL. I'm happy with this book, but neither happier nor more upset than I was before the reboot. It's the exact same book. The wrinkle with Sinestro is going to start playing out, though, either next issue or the one after, when we get to see him taking on the Yellow Corps with a green ring. I'm also intrigued by this idea of his creating a green ring. If this is a common thing, that's going to represent a lot of trouble. If this is uncommon, it's going to mean a lot of trouble from Sinestro, as he's evidentially extremely powerful. The Guardians are idiots, Hal is not compelling if he's not a GL, and Sinestro is evil. This doesn't feel like a change and that's not bad. But...I'm confused.

Resurrection Man 2 - This book, on the other hand, is such retro fun. The Body Doubles are back (and they're got a DCnU upgrade! or, at least, in my faint memory of the 90s, it seems like they do) and Heaven and Hell continue to fight over Mitch. The deal with his Dad is sad and the friend of his Dad's is odd (usually, I expect this to go to the typical reverse shock route, but I'm left wondering with this book, given the overall tone) but overall, things are great here. If you want some nostalgic fun, pick this book up.

Shield 3 - This issue is what finally convinced me that if I'm going to continue loving Shield the way I say I do, I've got to stop reading it monthly. (Or bi-monthly. Or whenever the delays allow it to come out.) I've known for a long time that this book is best enjoyed as a TPB, but this (near-) wordless issue is the one that convinced me. If I can breeze through an issue that should be this dense in less than two minutes, I think it's clear that there's something wrong. And since I genuinely believe that the problem isn't with the book, per se, the problem must be with me, how I'm taking this title on. The fight between the warring sides of the Eternal City goes down here and it's epic, but not so epic that we had to be without any words. This, to me, was a mistake. They're losing my monthly dollars, but I'll still be there when the trades come out, because it really is that good. I just can't handle the wait between issues and the ambiguity I always feel when I've lost track of the somewhat tenuous plot.

Ultimate Spider-Man 3 - This is what Spider-Man should feel like! Oh man, it's so good. This is how I imagine people who didn't hate One More Day felt after Brnd New Day, when things were fresh and picking up steam. My problem with that? I've already felt that way towards Peter Parker. I'm not here to tell you that I won't or can't feel that way for Pete again, but damn, Miles will do the trick for now. He's discovering his powers, confiding in his best friend, getting to be a kid, and, at the end of the issue, finding out that Pete has died.

The Unwritten 30 - The finale of On To Genesis really, really hit a homerun. After starting out a bit sluggishly, the last two books really killed. This issue in particular, though, with the epic conclusion that sets up the war, was magnificent. The similarities between the Tinker(er?) and Tommy were striking and the way that the former aged so rapidly was both amazingly disappointing as well as extremely appropriate. The way Frankenstein keeps popping up is both of the same. The reunion of Tommy & Lizzie with Savoy was also appropriate, leading me to totally believe the ending. I can't wait for the war. It's been well set-up, it's been well-done, and now, we're going to seriously get somewhere.

Book of the week should go to Spidey, but it's hard to not give it to Batwoman. I'm going to pull a bit of a cheat and, for the first time (and hopefully, the only time) give it to the both of them. I've compared Batwoman to Locke and Key, and Ultimate Spider-Man is clearly not on that level, but it's so fresh and exciting that I would hate to skip it over. Batwoman will continue at this level...who's to say about the Ultimate line?

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