Tuesday, October 4, 2011

comics for the week of 09/28/11.

Wherein I attempt to stay away from bashing the DCnU.

Angel & Faith 2 - We get more of the Giles issue and we see Faith starting to wonder if this is a healthy angle for Angle to take. (No spoonerism intended.) Also, Angel is still a secret from the rest of the girls, which seems like a bad idea. Good book, pick it up.

FF 9 - Starting to get better again, but I read Ultimate Comics Ultimates, and honestly, this book pales in comparison to that one. So much cool stuff happening there. This one is cool, too, with the Reeds being totally defeated, except for one who captures Doom and bitch slaps the hell out of him, verbally, at least. Man, there's some stuff going on in this book. Next issue, it looks like we'll be approaching from the other side, getting to see Ben, Spidey and Sue.

The Flash 1 - This is the book I was waiting for. Manapul delivers the goods and I like to see that he's doing some of the writing, too. However, all that being said, it wasn't the best book I've read. It was a solid start, but there were some jerks. For instance, reintroducing Iris. I know this is a reboot, and I'm not going to complain about that here, cuz I've done enough of that already, but it just feels weird to see Barry with someone else and having to meet Iris, etc. Also, I know this is petty, but honestly, the new ring/suit foldout really did bug me. It was just so cool before. Maybe I'll come around on this one, too. The big storyline that's happening in here doesn't seem to be super impressive, but I do like the reveal at the end. We'll see where it goes.

Green Lantern: New Guardians 1 - On the other hand, I don't think that I'm going to be seeing where this one goes. After defending Kyle Rayner to my friends for so long, this book felt like a slow, painful letdown. First, we had the retelling of Kyle's induction into the ranks of the GLC, wherein we see that some version of Emerald Twilight still happened, with all the Guardians apparently getting taken out and Kyle being some sort of Torchbearer. Then, we see that the rings of the other Corps are racing to him, even though he's not calling them. Lastly, we get the New Guardians hunting their rings down with a promise of a fight next issue. I'm good to explore the other Corps and I do still love Kyle, but I'm not sure that I can stick around for this story. Wake me when it's back to having ramifications.

Rachel Rising 2 - Terry Moore continues to impress and at a better rate than issue one. The introduction of the Uncle (Aunt?) character was a great decision, because we get to see some of the action from another point of view without having to actually switch viewpoints. It was refreshing to see her thinking to herself that she was just going crazy, that Rachel wasn't actually there, and then the slow burn of seeing the grave, realizing what was going on. The part with the kid was genuinely terrifying and stayed with me the last few days. This one I'll be staying with the whole way, presumably.

Teen Titans 1 - This is where it was all lost for me. I want to love Teen Titans so badly. I've been a Titans kid for a long ass time. And despite the love for Red Robin's new costume, the shitty plotting and the sub-par art (for this decade!) combined to give me a heartache. The crossover with Superboy shows how hard they're trying to make this a coherent universe, but it just isn't working. The NOWHERE division looks like a cool idea, and I wish there were more places we'd seen them, but ultimately, I wasn't concerned for either Tim or Wonder Girl (or not) at any time. Nor was I really interested in them. Which, unfortunately, means another book is crossed off my list.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 2 - I think this book is going bi-weekly? Awesome! This book was great and I'm really looking forward to getting back into the Ultimate Universe. The clarification of his powers, the confiding in his best friend, the way his dad was talking to him...all these things reminded me of the Peter Parker Spider-Man so hard that it was almost tear-jerking. And yet, it was so original and felt so new and fresh that it was compelling to keep turning the pages. If you've jumped away from the Ultimate Universe, or from Spider-Man in general, this is the time to jump back on.

Book of the week goes to the Flash, even though it could have been Spidey's. The Manapul art puts it over the top. Get it while you can, cuz we all know, after these three that he had to have in the can before the book relaunched, there'll probably be a delay.

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