Monday, August 8, 2011

comics for the week of 08/03/11.

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with Strangers in Paradise. I went to APE in San Fran just to meet Terry Moore. I spent an inordinate amount of time on the unofficial SiP message board. (This is, amazingly, still how and where I know the majority of my Internet-friends.) I bought prints, trades, single issues, coffee mugs, etc. Then, SiP ended and I was disappointed in its end, and Terry Moore went on to do Echo, which I didn't care for, so he kind of totally dropped off my radar. Which meant, on Wednesday, that I was delightfully surprised to see a new Terry Moore book. Moral of the story? I may be an obsessive comic book fan, but I'm a casual one, at that.

Rachel Rising 1 - Solid intro. Zombie book? I don't honestly know yet, but it's cool. I like the way that we're drawn into the main character so intensely. I like the mystery that's already presented itself in multiple ways. I like the cliffhanger ending. I like the dramatic irony. On the other hand, I didn't like so many panels with no words whatsoever. I love that two weeks in a row, I got a Terry Moore-pencilled book. This may be the only time that's ever happened? Pick it up, give it a try.

Shield 2 - Another issue that is convincing me that the only way to read this book is via TPB. It's sooooo good. And confusing. So little. So unsatisfying. Not dissatisfying. Just un. There's so much more to this story, so when I only get these tiny little chunks, I'm just not sure it's enough. In this issue, we see Stark and Howard reunite Tesla with his son. Leonid gets to serve as a judge between the methods of Leonardo and Newton. We know how he'll probably choose, but, of course, there's a monkey wrench that gets thrown into the process. Seriously, if you're not reading this book, I don't know how to market any comics to you at all.

Book of the week goes to Rachel Rising for doing something that's kind of formulaic in a different sort of way. It's always weird to see Moore drawing characters who are supposed to be other people, because they always (and will always) look like Katchoo, Francine and David to me, but it's great to see him doing other things. This book may or may not stay in my must-read pile, but I'm happy that he's getting to do what he loves, and I'm more than willing to support him for now.

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