Monday, August 29, 2011

comic for the week of 08/24/11.

Next week. Everything's been building up to next week.

FF 8 - Even though I said I was gonna abandon it after the god awful art of the Black Bolt arc the last two issues, I can't just walk away from Jonathan Hickman's writing. And, honestly, it's paid off. I like where this story is going and we're finally back at the interesting part of a thread that's been drawn out for a long, long time. Doom is, of course, always the wild card, but the multiple Reeds have a lot of draw. Nathaniel Reed has always been one of the best characters in Marvel's First Family and I like that he's back now, using what he knows to help out in whatever ways he can. I'm curious how much longer this is going to stretch out but I like what's happening thus far.

No book of the week this week. Next week is what we've been looking forward to forever.

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