Monday, August 22, 2011

comic for the week of 08/17/11.

Just one this week. I did flip through Batman xxx in the store, though. So glad that I'm not picking it up anymore. It was a neat enough little tale, with Damian narrating the history of Batman and Robin, but it was almost the antithesis of the last issue of Tec. The only truly intriguing part was when he described the Robin-hood of Tim Drake as a mistake. (Perhaps not the exact phrasing.) I wonder if they'll pursue this in the new universe. Regardless, I didn't pick it up and only got the one Vertigo book. I'd love to move away from Marvel and DC overall and more toward Dark Horse, Image and Vertigo, even though I know the last is only an imprint. But if I'm going with an imprint, I'll take Vertigo over Icon any day. On to the book!

Fables 108 - Inherit the Wind was exactly what any level-headed person would have expected it to be and that's definitely a good thing. The story continues back in Haven, with the Fables sending Rose Red back to the Farm to explore how bad things are (not that bad...just wait till y'all try to go back to NYC!) and Bigby and Snow White are off in the realm of the North Wind. Rather, the former realm, as the North Wind is dead and his minions are in the midst of trying to locate an heir. Their speech was surprising, not what they were saying as much as how they were saying it. I didn't remember them being such filthy-mouthed little buggers. But it was a funny little aside and this was a great intro chapter. We can see where conflict is going to come in, and there's plenty of angles for great surprises, so I'm definitely looking forward to this storyline. I'm less enthused about the next issue box, where we see that we'll be joining Bufkin in the Land of Oz (or Ev, or whatever district number they want me to pretend it is now) but I'm willing to go that journey with the 'Hams - they've earned more than a little trust with 100+ solid issues under their collective belts.

No book of the week this week as I think it's insulting to call the only book I get the best, since it's got no competition. However, let me repeat how I looked through the Bat book and it was disappointing. Add Daredevil to that list, too. Boo on the Big Two.

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