Saturday, July 16, 2011

rooting a nexus one running android 2.3.4 w/ build GRJ22

I've poked around so many forums and so many threads that it's about to make my head explode. Honestly, I consider myself kind of a technophilic person, but some of the jargon that's tossed around in these communities makes me truly doubt myself. Bootloading, rooting, OEM, flashing, custom ROMs, etc. And this is from a guy that's rooted his Nook Color. It's running the CM7 custom ROM. It's not like I don't get it at all. It's not like I don't understand anything that's being said. It's just...too much.

So, here's my hope. The last time I put up a semi-techie topic on this blog, I got tons of random hits from people who had stumbled across. Therefore, I figured, instead of wasting anyone's times on the forums and threads where that seems to be pretty much all they get regardless, I'd just throw up my flag here.

I'm looking to root my NexusOne. I don't really care, though, about the common reasons why. I run CM7 on my Nook and I like it well enough, but I'm not desperate for it on the N1. I don't really need (because I don't know of) any of the apps that need superuser permissions. What I really want to root for is to be able to remove some of the tied-in applications (like the stock browser or the default Twitter client) that are (seemingly) part of the hardware. I also want the ability to move any of the applications that I then (or have already) download(ed) to the SD card. This is honestly the single biggest reason why I want to root.

Why? Because the N1, despite being almost the phone of my dreams, comes with a scant 190 MB of internal storage for applications. And I'm at the limit now of applications that I can put on my phone, even with as many on the SD card as is currently allowed. I'm so low that my phone sometimes refuses application updates. I'm so low that I often have the dreaded low storage space icon in the upper left-hand corner. I'm so low that I had to take Google+ off my phone, even though I'm really psyched on it.

If this is a possible result of rooting my phone (and if that can even be done) and anyone stumbles across this post, I'd love any help you could toss my way. If it's not a possible result of rooting my phone, then I guess I'm gonna have to come to grips with the fact that I'll be looking at newer phones sooner rather than later.

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