Thursday, July 28, 2011

netflix > comcast

The thing is, I don't understand people complaining about Netflix, especially when I think about Comcast and the way they've always behaved. At least Netflix was upfront about their bullshit. Comcast just sent me a letter saying that I’d been getting more than I’d been paying for. Effective August 4, that would no longer be the case; I’d be losing channels.

When I called the number on the letter to find out which channels I’d be losing, the lady answered, asking if I was calling about the letter. So clearly, they know they’re in trouble. People have been calling. I replied that I was, and that all I wanted to know was which channels I’d be losing. I explained that I didn’t watch a lot of TV as it was, and I just wanted to know if I’d be losing one of the four channels I actually do watch. She ignored the question, referring me to the brochure sent with the letter, and tried to upsell me on a new package, plus a free premium channel for a year. I told her again that I don’t watch that much TV, I’m not interested in premium channels and asked a different question. “What about HD? I’m paying for an HD package and it looks like I’m not getting any HD channels in this new package that you’re telling me is all I’m paying for.” She rushed, “Oh no, many of those channels broadcast in HD.” “OK,” I replied, “but what about this Digital HDTV Package? Isn’t that what I’m paying for? And they have channels that are all-HD, all-the-time, including my local channels! But those aren’t on this package that you’re saying is all I’m going to get. So, am I going to get some of those channels?” She brushed it off again: “I’m going to try this one more time. You’re paying for the Digital Starter package. You can pay to upgrade and receive a free premium channel. Or you can stick with your package.” I told her I was sticking with it.

More like getting stuck. This shit blows. Instead of being brash and arrogant like Netflix (aggravating in its own right), Comcast has decided to change our packages and act like its our own fault?

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Anonymous said...

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