Friday, July 1, 2011

comics for the week of 06/29/11.

The DC Reboot makes me more and more angry every day.

Detective Comics 878 - Dick Grayson is a great Batman! It's so easy to love this book. Snyder's writing and Jock's art is a perfect mix and the fact that Dick Grayson is finally in the cape and the cowl allows for soooooo much rich storytelling, exactly like we've got in this book (and in "The Hungry City" overall). Here we get a conclusion worthy of this three part arc, with Dick telling more circus stories (opportunity!) and the Zucco family getting its due. The villain is a great addition to the oeuvre (Tiger Shark - what a great throwback name) and I hope he gets to stick around...but he won't. As I've mentioned previously, it's really hard to enjoy any of these books when I know that the slate is going to be wiped in a few months. For now, I will say that this is my favorite Bat book in a long, long time. And I'm hopeful that, with Snyder still writing the main Bat title post-relaunch, it'll still be great.

FF 5 - I really didn't think that I would stick around even this long for this book. Hickman's track record with me is good, though, and I'm willing to take a chance on alternate Reed stories, especially when they involve Spidey, whom I don't get enough (any) of nowadays, and even more especially when they involve Doom getting invited into the Baxter Building (is it still called that?). I wish we would have gotten to see more of the other Reed and his manipulations of the Mole Man, but I know that's being a little greedy. That being said, this issue felt like it bounced around just a little too much. There was something for everyone but, because of that, there wasn't enough focus on any one of the storylines. I did love the interaction between Sue and Fake Reed as well as Sue and Real Reed. I love that she could tell a difference right away, and I love that she was watching her husband so closely and knows him so well that she could almost instantly tell that something else was happening. A good enough story is keeping me in the fold of buying the book. Keep it up fellas.

Walking Dead 86 - This is such a hard book for me to include. For the last three years or so, I've been reading the Walking Dead via TPB, and I've loved it that way. However, my friends have convinced me to hop on monthly, and it's just a completely different experience. It's good, and I love the book, so let me start there. But damn. It's kind of unfulfilling. I mean, when you're used to more than 75 pages, 22's hard to deal with. The story continues here with Rick trying to come to grips with the new way he's feeling, since Carl got shot. It's understandable and it's positive character development, so I'm going to hold in any criticism for now, but let me just say that it feels super abrupt. (I guess there's a pun to make here about how quick guns work.) The Walking Dead is a completely different book than Invincible, which makes me feel confident in saying that Robert Kirkman is one of the best writers in the biz nowadays.

Book of the Week goes to Detective Comics - get it while you can! 'Nuff said.

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