Friday, June 17, 2011

comics for the week of 06/15/11.

I'm going to write a long-form entry about why I think the DC Reboot is a terrible idea, and why it's insulting to me as a long-time fan. Batgirl will be Exhibit A.

Batgirl 22 - This book is so good! And they're going to throw it all away. So, so, so, so dumb. Stephanie Brown is a character that the fans have fought on behalf of for a long time. Now, she's going to be swept under the rug. (I mean, maybe not? I have no idea! None of us know what's coming. But it just seems this way.) Regardless, this issue gives another compelling case that the single-issue story is NOT dead. Steph goes to London to team up with Squire, but she's really supposed to be there for a Batman Inc. meeting. (Providing the hook to next issue...brilliant writing!) The way the two girls play off each other (repeating lines, juxtaposing experiences as sidekicks versus being their own people) is reminiscent of those issues with Damian and Supergirl, but this one is better. There's a great plot involving Greenwich Mean Time and a baddie who's got a grudge against Knight, and all kinds of great British slang! What's not to love? The art's great, even if it's not Nguyen (what happened?) and the characters are worth our time and investment...except for the fact that they're not because they'll be gone in five months. Major bummer.

Invincible 80 - First of all, check out the cover! That's awesome! I wonder if Ottley ever thinks to himself, "If I knew I was gonna be drawing this (and getting paid to do so!) when I was a kid, I would have pooped my pants!" Cuz I would. Jesus, this book has just got something for everyone. I called out Page 9 on Twitter as being specifically written for a couple friends - how can Kirkman be so good?? Seriously, he takes the time to knock himself in the best way possible and then goes HARD after DC for this madness. It's not passive-aggressive, it's straight aggression and it comes off as delightful and deserved. At the same time, it's only one page in the book, and it's not beating us over the head with a semi-political point. What a writer! Regardless, tons of stuff happens in this issue, including Nolan and Debbie leaving the planet, Mark totally realizing William is gay (I'm glad this was followed up on, because, like I said, I didn't think it was totally obvious), Invincible showing compassion for a bank robber (is this going to come back to haunt him, or will this be the introduction to a new ally?), Eve and Mark dodging the baby issue and, of course, the climactic fight between Mark and Dinosaurus. Man. I did not think, last issue, when I saw that he was coming back, that it was going to go this far. I'm not going to spoil the ending except to say that this has major possibilities to change everything. The dino was not messing around.

Book of the week goes to Invincible. As great as Batgirl is and as hard as I'm trying to convince people that the DC Reboot is a bad idea, using Batgirl as the prime example, Invincible wins for page 9 and the shocking ending. When Robert Kirkman is on his game, I'm really not sure if there's anyone better right now in the comic book medium that can outwrite him. He's got long-term plans, he's got great artists, and he knows how to alternate between that soft and hard push that readers emotionally react to. Great stuff.

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