Friday, June 10, 2011

comics for the week of 06/08/11.

Trying to continue with comics is about to get a lot harder for me. Every day that goes on, I get less and less enthused about this DC reboot. It's looking like I might be dropping close to everything. Prove me wrong DC! If the books are good, I'll still want to buy them. But it's hard to keep buying product from someone who's punching you in the face.

Batman and Robin 24 - Jason Todd's story continues. It's getting less compelling. I love Winick writing Jason Todd, but it feels like something is missing from this story. The call to care about Scarlet is foreign, because I've never really cared about her in the first place. The weird animal mercenaries were off because they felt more like a Morrison creation. And most of all, the art is just awful. It's this pseudo-looking paint job, I don't really know what it is, but it's really bad. I like the relationship between Dick and Damian but all I can think is that in four months it's not going to exist. This DC reboot isn't just threatening my future with comics, it's affecting my current enjoyment.

The New Avengers 13 - Mockingbird is going to die! Oh wait, no she's not. We were never really worried, but at least now we have a reason for that crappy 1950s Avengers story (with terrible Chaykin art!) - it gives us the Nazis version of the Super Soldier Serum. Sure, that seems like a good idea to put into Bobbi's bloodstream. I know Clint is desperate and all, but really? Would he just whole hog like that? (Oh yeah, it's Hawkeye. He definitely would.) Anyway, this story, FINALLY, seems like it's wrapping up, so maybe we can get some forward momentum going now. I can see what people were complaining about with Bendis in regards to the compressed storytelling on Daredevil now. Let's go!

The Unwritten 26 - Citizen Taylor concludes and we get ready for the real second arc of this book. It's about to get seriously good. And it was already so good before. Tom Taylor comes out of the auction like the triumphant hero we know he is and when he, Savoy and Lizzie get back home, they're ready to move on to the next step. Whatever that is, it'll be great. They get the treat of meeting with Freaky Puppet Lady Nun, who doesn't seem all that eager to help the auctioneers, despite the guarantee that she's a bad guy. There's an allusion to an agreement she had with Wilson, and there's more proof of the power of the Cabal, albeit on a delayed time table. This really is the best book coming out right now.

TPB: Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft - Let me start this by saying that this is EASILY the best new comic that I've read in a long, long time. Better than Scalped, for sure, maybe even up there with the excitement that I felt when I first read The Unwritten. Locke and Key is a series that I've been trying to get into for a while but now that I've read the first trade, I feel like it's going to happen. It's reached a critical mass. The story concerns the Locke family, who relocates to Keyhouse, because the father is killed by one of his ex-students (he was a guidance counselor). There are three kids (boy, girl, boy) and a mom leftover and the deceased dad's brother is the kind uncle figure. The house has doors that can be changed by certain keys. The one that figures prominently in this book is the Death Door, wherein if you unlock it with the right key, when you step through, your body dies and your ghost is free to go where you please. When your ghost decides to come back to your body, you live again.

The concept is fascinating, the art is amazing and the story is one of a kind. It's a medley, sure, and there are familiar tropes, but good Lord! What an incredible book this is. If you haven't been reading Locke & Key, like me, the trades are available all the way through the fourth series (there's going to be six?) and the fifth is currently coming out. I highly, highly recommend you hop on board, get caught up and get into this series. It's mind-blowingly good.

Book of the week goes to Locke & Key purely out of shame that it's taken me this long to get on the train. A series this good has been coming out for almost three years and I'm just now getting into it? The Unwritten will have to be bumped this week, just to excuse my ignorance. Go get it!

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