Friday, June 24, 2011

comic for the week of 06/22/11.

Just one again this week. There is certainly a feeling in my brain that comics are becoming something that's more of a rarity for me. At this point, I feel like I buy more Vertigo, Image, Icon, IDW, Dark Horse (etc.) than Marvel and DC combined. Which is weird, but also nice. And yeah, I know that several of those are sub-imprints. Regardless...

Fables 106 - I don't know how to talk about this book without spoilers and without blatantly bragging about how right I was. So, I guess that's your warning. There's gonna be spoilers. Mister Dark is gone! It seems like it was way, way, way too easy, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the waiting and the anticipating is actually better than the gift. So the North Wind goes all kung-fu on Dark and our shock revelation is that Bellflower and her husband (both of whom we knew long, long ago - just another example of the great plotting by Willingham) have been called to trap them both. No need for Ozma here. Of course, that kind of bums her out (& Pinocchio, too) but there's no doubting that the gang is all happy and relieved - except Bigby, of course. Dad went and sacrificed himself nobly, so now we'll have the new relationship between the Big Bad Wolf and his absent father to deal with - not a bad thing. Flycatcher finally gives us some honesty (they weren't going to make it!), the cult of the Blue gets even deeper (he did come back! He was just too quick for any of us to see), a nod to Rose Red's future (ohhhh, possibilities!) and the ending gives us a new direction for the Wolf clan. All this and we didn't even get to see the Dark City or the previously-Fat Lady. What a book.

Again, when there's only one, I'm not going to get into double duty. But Fables just crossed 100 issues about six months ago, and now it's finished with this arc. If you're waiting for a jump-on point, this is it!

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