Tuesday, May 10, 2011

comic for the week of 05/04/11.

As predicted, a short stack. The shortest stack possible.

Superboy 6 - The artist changed on this book and I didn't mind it. The direction of the story, though, felt too much like same old, same old. We've seen the terrible future in every comic book story by now, but it feels especially played out with the Teen Titans and their current (former?) members. The only good thing was the presence of Valentine as a possible evil ally. This is going to trouble for Conner because he's going to think about this vision often. Meanwhile, he actually needs all the help he can get from Valentine to fend off the coming attack from Psyonic Lad. (Did anyone else think, practically all issue, that this was a plot of the Lad's? That it still might even be?) Lemire's writing is still going to draw me into this book and I'm good to give it more than its fair share of the leash, but it's got to have something other than a story I've already read four times (bare minimum) with this character. And quick.

I refuse to name a book of the week when I only pick up one book as that seems like more of a diss than a compliment. However, it should be said that, as I'm buying less than 20 books a month and Superboy is one of them, I'd recommend it to most people.

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