Monday, March 28, 2011

comics for the week of 03/23/11.

I was a bit behind from last week, but I think that's OK. Here's to playing catch up through the magic of being done with vacation. It's funny how that works.

Fables 103 - The super team is shaping up and it looks damn good! The strife between Pinocchio and Ozma continues to grow! What will happen next? Well, a showdown with Mister Dark, obviously, but stupid Gepetto is also going to have a role to play. I wonder if he's going to play the villain again, or if he's going to find some sort of semi-redemption? Either way, this book is back up to the top notch build that it's always seemed to fit.

FF 1 - The Future Foundation keeps it real. (Except for the part about everyone knowing Peter Parker is Spider-Man again; WTF? How does this happen??) The aftermath of the eulogy for Johnny Storm starts out fantastically strong (see what I did there) not that many people expected much different. Ben is dealing with it in her own way, as is Sue and, remarkably, Reed seems to be the one who's the driving force behind all this. It's not like Reed wasn't the driving force behind the Fantastic Four, I get that, but of all the characters, it seems painfully obvious that he was the least close to Johnny - it's not that he wasn't close, but...Sue's his sister. Ben's his best friend. Even Spidey's probably closer? And yet, here's Reed, pushing for this team and these ideas in his memory. It's a great touch. The addition of Doom to this team means that I'll continue to buy this book as long as that's something they're serious about, and he's not just some guest star. Doom keeps it real-est.

Green Lantern 64 - The War of the Green Lanterns Part One and I foolishly did not buy part 2, even though it's already out. I know, I'm stupid. With how good this book already has been, I don't know what the hold up was, but I'll tell you that I instantly regretted it. The Book of Dark pulling the Lanterns into its confines, the impending battle between Jordan and the rest of the Green Corps, and the way that Krona bitchslapped all of the rest of the Guardians made this the best thing I read in a week full of great books. The War of the Green Lanterns shows great promise to get these books back on track and to fulfill the promise of what a Johns-centered event can be, again.

Invincible 78 - Atom Eve got fat! I promise you, despite another stellar issue from Kirkman and Co. that's all people are going to be able to talk about. Which is so stupid. This issue was pitch perfect, again, and the only takeaway that some people are going to have is that the hot girl is now fat and pregnant. Man. As for the good things that some other people will see, the relationship between Nolan and Debbie feels real. The reaction of Cecil was real. And hilarious. The interaction of Nolan and Mark with Tech Jacket was another great touch, and I hope we get to see more of Allen in his new role as President of the Council - he's going to have some tough decisions to make pretty soon.

The New York Five 3 (of 4) - This book was god, but, to be honest, I'm really starting to be glad that it's just a four-issue mini-series. The real life stuff is actually kind of bumming me out. That's not to say that I'm all superheroes all the time, nor that I want to be, but damn; this much reality is sometimes tough when you're expecting aliens to be beating each other up nonstop. The girls are getting along well enough, except for Ren's revelation that she's pregnant, which doesn't get the reception that she wants. Luckily, Olive is there to pick up the slack of the roommate issue (presumably) but it definitely is leaving me wondering how they're going to wrap all this up in one more issue. I get that it's an ongoing story, really, and that the girls are only at the end of their freshman year, but...there's a lot going on. The best part of the issue was seeing Lona (at least temporarily) hear her boyfriend's advice and abandon her quest against her professor - she even looked happy.

The Unwritten 23 - The big reveal was promised...and...delivered on. Kind of. It's not a whale. It's people. (SOYLENT GREEN!!) I guess that's kind of a revelation... But, honestly, who didn't see this coming? It's a difficult position for me to criticize the Unwritten, because I do feel that it's brilliant, but this didn't have some grand significance to me. It's a post-modern tale that's been told millions of times in our short span already - we get our powers because you believe in us! It's a good story, don't get me wrong. wasn't the great twist and turn that I was hoping for. I did love the beginning where we get to see/hear Tom's thought process on the whale entering all the different stories. I liked to see the various characters and the way that Tom is so much more authentic than all of them. He's got real depth, real emotion, while they're just stuck with the script. I loved the look back at Wilson and the way he created Tom, but he did come off here as more harsh than he usually does. I suppose that's to be expected, because, as we learn more about him, I expect him to be a morally ambiguous character. Sure, he's quote-unquote Dad, but...he clearly had more in mind than just raising a son. Next issue we get to see the gang reunited? There's a bunny on the cover! I hope we get to see Lit Hell!

Book of the week goes to Green Lantern, amidst the indie goodness of Invincible, Fables, and the Unwritten. A TON of great books last week, and you pretty much couldn't go wrong with any of them.

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