Monday, February 28, 2011

comics for the week of 02/23/11.

All DC. Again. This is getting to be a thing.

Action Comics 898 - It was clear before the end of this issue who fakeLois was talking to, but I don't think that I had even really thought about it before this issue. I mean, I had thought about it, but not really thought about it, you know? So, of course, who it turns out to be isn't a surprise, but it is a delight. The build-up to issue 900 here has been one of the most enjoyable rides I've ever been on. It's been an epic story that hasn't felt overblown or overimportant. It's been a nice detour from Superman, with Lex Luthor riding shotgun. And, most importantly, it's felt like there will be some real consequences from this arc, regardless of what happens. Paul Cornell knows how to write. I'm glad I started picking this book up.

Detective Comics 874 - And this was an interesting way to go: the backup feature becomes the main storyline, with a nice change in the art team. Don't get me wrong; Francesco Francavilla is no Jock. There's no doubt about that. But his art has defined the backup feature and it was nice to see that carried over to the mainline story this month. Jack Jr. is a creepy ass character. Obviously, we were supposed to see the water and think the whole time that his joke was no joke, right? Cuz that's what I thought and I was more than a little worried for the whole issue.

The New York Five 2 - A solid issue coming after the impressive, under the radar (although I don't know if that's true anymore) debut. The girls continue in their idiosyncratic ways and we have a nice ending, for once. The reunion of the sisters might not be all rainbows and butterflies, but I have the feeling that it's going to work out, simply because there is enough drama elsewhere in the book. The stalker and the parents issue, there are big, real things. And they're not just going to be easily wrapped up. So, you know, give a little and take a little. Good stuff.

Book of the week goes to Action Comics. All three of the ones that I got were good, but the journey that Lex is on just stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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