Wednesday, January 26, 2011

comics for the week of 01/19/11.

Killer B's, just like the Lakers bench. A day late, but still just as good.

Batman 706 - A killer continuation of what's easily been Tony Daniels' best work in a long time, Dick Grayson is pitch-perfect as Batman. The arc with Sensei and Peacock and Riddler (and Riddler's daughter!) and Damian and Reaper (it keeps going!) arrives at its penultimate point. This was a great issue that continues a great story. I love how Alfred interacts with both Dick and Damian in this book, and I'm still loving the new characters. The only misstep seems to be the placement of the Riddler, but even Dick acknowledges that, by assigning Damian to figure out what the heck his role is in all of this. It'll be interesting to see how Daniels ties all this in, even if we do have to suffer through the regression of the Riddler from his detective persona as well as the addition of his daughter to he mythos. This has been a solid title since Dick took over.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer 40 - And, it's finally over. To be honest, I don't know what to say. After the underwhelming feelings that I got from the last issue, I thought this one would be the wrap-up that I desired, the one that made everything OK. And I have to admit that it wasn't. It was good. But it wasn't good enough. The letter column in the back of the book admitted as much, copping to the fact that this season was uneven and that there seemed to be mixed desires, especially in the beginning of the book. Joss said that the Fray future had a lot to do with some of the...ambiguities (is that what we want to call them?) and I have to say that I can see that, but... it didn't have to be that way! Leave those problems (of rectifying the end of Buffy with the beginning of Fray) for some other story! There's hundreds of years in between! It'll be OK. The Angel thing...I was happy. Then I was confused. Then I was confident that it wasn't over. Then I was vindicated. Now I'm back to being confused, with more than a side helping of frustrated. The Giles thing? I didn't really believe it, to be honest, and now that it's official and it's through...I'm confused. And upset. The Spike thing? I love him more and more. It started with re-watching the series for the second time, but I can really see where people were coming from, now that I'm semi-over the Angel/Buffy angle.

I'm anxious for Season Nine, to see where they go. There's no way the Buffy franchise could lose me at this point, but I will say that this was not how I pictured it ending. Based on the great words of Joss at the end of the book, though, I'm more optimistic for Season Nine than I would have imagined myself capable of being, if I'd known ahead of time how Season Eight was going to end. So, you know, hope and all that good stuff...seems like it's still a Slayer book for sure, then, right?

Detective Comics 872 - Easily the best cover of the year thus far, to start with. Secondly, the story is the best in all of the Bat books. (I'm not reading Streets of Gotham, which I hear good things about, to be fair.) Jock and Snyder are destroying their competition in the art and script category. The pencils fit the mood of the book so well, it's dang near perfect. Dick as Batman has a completely different feel here than he does in Batman, but it works so great, especially with the difference in the story. The secret society, their sickening auction, the great way the cover turns out to tie into the storyline, and the twist at the end all combine to make this the best book of the week, even though I think it came out last week.

Book of the week should go to Detective, but for two facts: like I said, I think it dropped earlier, and...well, Buffy is over. I wasn't over the top for the issue, but I can't give another book that honor when we're sending the Scooby Gang off into the sunset. I know they'll be back, but they get this much, at least, until then.

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