Wednesday, January 19, 2011

comics for the week of 01/12/11.

Pure DC. Pure happiness.

Batgirl 17 -A great stand-alone long as you like as much Damian-Robin in your Batgirl as you do Batgirl. (Did that make sense?) The oil-and-water combo of Steph and Damian makes for entertaining comedy, and we actually get a decent story in the meantime. Peppered with good little bits about the over-arching story, this made for an entertaining issue that also serviced the overall plot. Worth the price of admission for the visual of Damian undercover as a normal kid alone. I'm a fan of the new art, like I've previously said, and Miller appears more than capable of making this book what it seemed like it could be in the first year. Here's to more of that.

Batman and Robin 19 - This book, on the other hand, just keeps letting me down. This storyline with the Absence quickly went nowhere (was that some sort of post-modern wink and nod? Because if it was, it was a bad one...). The only good part of this book was the deepening of the relationship between Dick as Batman and Damian as Robin. Plus, we had that explicit refutation of the killer last page from last month. Boo on the Absence and her paper mache tricks. Pick it up, Cornell.

The Unwritten 20 - Last, but certainly not least, comes the best book of the year, the best book of the week, etc. etc. etc. I can't heap enough praises on this book. In this issue, we get Tom literally taking up residence inside the text of Moby Dick. After the surprise of seeing his Dad as Captain Ahab at the end of last issue, he tries to take the direct approach this week, and it winds up placing him in the Brig. While there, he gets to speak with Frankenstein's Monster, and comes, as he puts it, within inches of some straight answers. Super intriguing conversation between the two of them and, meanwhile, Lizzie is cool as a cucumber when it comes to Savoy's revelation about his vampiric ways. They both get along fine, until the end, when the puppet lady captures them pretty convincingly. This book kills.

Book of the week is obviously the Unwritten. The way that Moby Dick is affecting this story, and the way it played thoughout the entire Bone series makes me think that I'm a bad English teacher for never having even attempted to read it.

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