Friday, January 7, 2011

comic for the week of 01/05/11.

Yup. Only one.

Superboy 3 - This is the first DC book that I've got that had the big Iconic! cover and, while I hated the idea at first, I've got to say that I really liked this cover. I might buy some of these covers just for those covers. (Or I'll search the images online and have forever copies of them for free. Win-win.) Anyway, the story was good, as the last two issues of this new book promised. It's definitely got this weird tinge to it, and I've got some ambiguous feelings toward Simon Valentine after Conner blew him off this issue. But I love where they're going with this, just making the book as weird as possible. Lemire's gonna do some cool things here, I think.

Book of the week would be an insult to bestow, seeing as there was only one, but let me say that Superboy is a solid title and if you're not picking it up, you're missing out. What books came out this week that I'm missing out on?

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