Saturday, December 11, 2010

i cannot have obama's back any more.

Last week was a disgusting week.

When we should have been talking about Elizabeth Edwards and her courageous approach to her battle with cancer ending in its inevitable manner, we were sold out by the guy who was supposed to be the change that we sought. Joey sums up a few nice points from this TPM post but I feel the need to add a couple of my own cents.

Firstly, I've been a pretty frantic Obama-defender. Even when people were criticizing the Health Care Bill, even when he fought to keep Don't Ask, Don't Tell after pledging that he'd get rid of it, even after he refused to go hard after the Republicans that were telling outright lies.

I read this Rolling Stone piece and I thought, "Ah, there are other people who get it. It's a hard job. He's doing some significant work." I thought that, even if he wasn't perfect, he was significantly better than our other options in 2008 (and I still stand by that, obviously) and he was making some headway.

I am not sure I believe that anymore.

After Obama held his press conference to attack his fellow liberal for daring to stand up to him, I wondered why I'd never heard this sort of tone and anger with the Republicans, or the Tea Party, or Fox News, or anyone he promised he'd fight against!

Secondly, I'm not about to use this space to criticize the hypocritical Tea Party. They've been consistently outed as fools and lunatics, so I don't think it's worth the time to note their lack of protests in this case.

Third, this is probably the straw that breaks my allegiance to Obama. It might sound odd that I've accepted all the other things and defended him so vociferously and am able to turn on a dime, but this is a clear-cut issue. This is no room for debate here. There is no gray. This is a place and a time where he could have and should have drawn a line in the sand and said, "This is the wrong thing to do. I will stand over here, and if you are on the side of doing the right thing, you will join me."

Instead, he sold out every single person who contributed less than 1,000 dollars to his campaign. (All those donors that Obama for America bragged about who made small contributions are the ones who will pay the highest price for this farce.) And then, Bernie Sanders made a bigger deal of this and it went virtually ignored by the mainstream media.

While David Alexrod is out trying to spin shit into gold, the Obama administration is losing not only the battle for the hearts of minds of their most ardent supporters. Satire starts to look more and more likely when our president would rather compromise with people who would rather die than compromise with him and his party than stand up for the people who got him to his position.

Bill Clinton should know better than to get involved in this mess. This is a stabbing in the back. Meanwhile, John Edwards has suffered yet again and, because of the twisted values of our country, where it's more important to appear faithful in a marriage than actually know how to do your job, he's banished from the arena of politics, where he would show considerable more spine than we've seen from any of our leaders in the last two weeks.

It's an unbelievable betrayal for Barack Obama to try to portray this as a compromise or as what's best for the country. And it's a flat out lie to say that he's got our best interests at heart at this point.

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