Monday, December 20, 2010

comics for the week of 12/15/10.

All DC again, if you include Vertigo as DC, which I know is somewhat weird, but it is technically correct.

Batman 705 - This book is getting better with each issue. I've already voiced my pleasure at seeing new characters (and now we're seeing that they're mixed with old characters, but that's fine) and I hope that it continues along this track. I didn't read 52 but there was enough of the backstory here that I could get things. (Although is Sensei supposed to be the father of Ras al Ghul?) The interweaving of the old and the new is a nice touch, and (usually) a safe way to introduce new characters. The ending, however, seems to put a kibosh on this. I thought we all realized that the trend of making new characters the literal (or metaphorical, I don't care) offspring of established villains and have them essentially be the same villain was a bad trend? The Riddler looks terrible (shots at Tony Daniel, but also, real talk on his hair and that terrible green overcoat) and his daughter looks even worse. Bad bad bad decision making. Here's to hoping there's not a too-many-villains problem with this book next issue where they just keep trying to push it over the top.

Batman and Robin 18 - The last page, with the Absence holding that huge pair of scissors? Classic! However, the best thing about this book was the art of Scott McDaniel. I don't know why it didn't make a bigger impression on me last issue, but with Cornell writing, and the new characters, and the diving into Morrison-inspired weirdness territory, I thought it was just a perfect mix. This book can continue along its Twin Peaks-style without Morrison, and I hope that this story proves that. It'll be a nice distraction from the regular books, other than the fact that Batman Incorporated looks like Morrison continuing this track, which will double up the kooky in a realm that doesn't necessarily need it.

Green Lantern 60 - Would have been the book of the week, if it weren't for the Unwritten. Green Lantern finally feels like it's picking up, turning around, and generally getting out from underneath the post-Blackest Night malaise. The Collector turns out to be Krona, to absolutely no geek's surprise (although my friends tell me that this is probably a surprise in the general population - really?) and he snags two more entities through devious trickery. The Sinestro line about Kyle Rayner, though, was definitely the highlight in my book: "Kyle Rayner couldn't free a snowflake from an avalanche." Ohhh, diss. Great art from Mahnke, as usual. Solid read.

The Unwritten 20 - First of all, I must have missed something in issue 19, because the way 20 began was pretty shocking to me. That being said, after the initial confusion, this was another superb issue. Tom's just like any other guy in love (in love? really? I don't know but that's how he seems) in so far as he's running far and away with something that seems she's still got some reservations. It's an interesting match, especially with the different ways they remember their respective childhoods. I was glad to see Savoy come to terms with his vampirism, especially directly to Lizzie, because I think she'll deal with it most efficiently, as we see her doing almost immediately. And, of course, the end is a killer. I'd like to think that this will be a common theme. It won't really be his dad, of course, but little aspects of himself that he put into some of the greatest works.

Book of the week goes to The Unwritten, as it's amazing month after month after month. If you're not reading this book, seriously, there's not much more that I can say.

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