Monday, December 13, 2010

comics for the week of 12/08/10.

Lots going on in the world, I'm trying to do more here than just sports and comics, but if I can't manage that, I'm just going to keep doing what I can.

Batgirl 16 - Finishing up the two-part Fugitive story. To be honest, I didn't feel a lot of pull from this issue, but it's still a good book. Nguyen's art fell a but flat after the delight of last issue and the story just wasn't that intriguing. It wasn't last issue, either, but there were some things that worked there that didn't really turn out here. The subplot with the policeman continues to be a nice little touch, though, and the last page was a good hook for the future.

Fables 100 - A monster. Frau Totenkinder battles the Dark Man one on one and it's clear from the moment that it gets started that it's going a bit too easy for her. It's a magnificent battle, though it would have been nice to see her accumulating all these ideas and some of the power. (As Ozma says, "She hid it so deftly, for so long.") The battle is really the whole thing. The subplot with Nurse Spratt seems odd and, while I'm glad to have Beauty and the Beast's baby, it seems like something that'll pay off much further down the road, as opposed to the way the Dark Man is still an immediate threat. The ways that both he and Totenkinder changed throughout their battle (and the book) was interesting, and the conclusion seemed inevitable, but satisfying nonetheless. The backups in the book were marvelous, and a big round of cheers goes to the creators involved in putting this issue out. They could have just done a 68-page special for the 100th issue, but bravo for aiming high and having the balls to put out a ten dollar 100th issue. It was worth every penny.

Flash 7 - With art by Scott Kolins, this wasn't bad at all, but I definitely missed Manapul. The focus on Boomerang, though, was a bit much for me, since I've never really cared for him, especially given the other characters in the Flash Rogue gallery. The idea of him breaking Zoom out to get information also seemed half-brained. Would he really go to those lengths for something so doubtful? All in all, not a bad issue, but filled with little details that made it somewhat unenjoyable.

New Avengers 7 - This book was the best of the bunch since this title's been relaunched. It felt exactly like I expected the New Avengers, written by Bendis, to feel. The banter between all the characters was top notch, the plot was a decent enough example of how real life can sometimes be just as nefarious as a super villain's plot to take over the world. I like the hint of something coming up between Squirrel Girl (hahahaha) and Wolverine. Pretty great stuff, and the panels of interviews made up one of the best double-page spreads I've recently seen. Wong's entrance at the end capped one of the most fun and funniest issues I've read in a long time.

Superboy 2 - This book continues to impress. The supporting character of Simon Valentine is one of the best parts of this young experiment. Also, we're getting some solid ground laid for Connor to have his own adventures instead of merely walking through younger Superman's footsteps. I'm happy with the art, with the writing, and the characters. The book needs some more time to grow, but it's off to a good start.

Book of the week goes to Fables 100, for the sheer scope of their ambition. Willingham and Buckingham should get more recognition, even if you don't think they're underrated. This book continues to tell its story on a phenomenal level and they're doing things on their terms. Success.

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