Monday, November 29, 2010

comics for the week of 11/24/10.

All DC, nothing pressing, but some surprisingly good stuff from a small stack.

Action Comics 895 - Following Lex's pursuit of the Black Ring Energy, we get a look at Vandall Savage in this issue. This issue wasn't as fun as the last romp through Gorilla Grodd's territory, nor did it have a charming cameo from Death, but it was a good read. To be honest, I don't give a shit about Savage, nor am I intrigued by this city that's been built as a trap, but I do like the idea of Lex chasing something that'll make him even more powerful (and evil) than he already is. Cornell does a good job with the story, but it's going to need to jump a bit more next issue to keep me on board. This is strictly a trial at this point.

Batman and Robin 17 - I bought this without even noticing (or remembering) that Grant Morrison was off the title, and I thought that might be a bad thing the first few pages, but this turned into a solid read. I'm gonna say some good things about this book, but I also want to say that, with Tony Daniel here and on regular old Batman, I'm not sure I see the need for the two books. That being said, this was a good book. It surpassed the regular Batman book and also, via the preview in the back, made me realize I was wrong not to pick up Detective Comics. I love the fact that, all across the Bat lines, they're introducing new villains, and they're running with those. I hope the concept sticks and we can have some good new stuff as opposed to defaulting back to Harvey, the Joker, etc.

Batwoman 0 - I don't give a shit about the character of Batwoman, but JH Williams III on art means that I will buy this book! The run that he and Rucka had on Detective Comics was phenomenal and I love the idea of Batman (was that Bruce or not?) bringing her more officially into the fold. The art on this one was split, which was fine with me, but it seems clear that Williams III is doing the layouts for the entire book. It just looks better than almost anything else on the market at this point, other than maybe Manapul's pencils. The Crime Religion is still a stupid angle, but I guess they've got to go with it for a while, based on where Rucka started, took, and left this character. I'll be happy when she's fully integrated into Gotham and gets to play in the bigger sandlot, as opposed to fighting people that think they're living Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Book of the week almost went to Batman and Robin for being a nice surprise, but I can't take that honor away from Williams III on his great looking new book. Go get Batwoman!

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