Monday, November 22, 2010

comics for the week of 11/17/10.

Sticking to my DC fanboy-ness.

Batman 704 - Tony Daniel takes over was all right. It wasn't great by any means. But it wasn't the clusterfuck that it sometimes turned into when Morrison was writing it, either. So that's a good thing, right? And Dick gets to stay Batman of Gotham City, which is a really good thing. I'm digging on Daniel's take on new characters (the Peacock looks great and could play really well with Dick in the cape and cowl role) so I'll probably stick this one out a while.

Batman Incorporated 1 - This was intriguing, but not anywhere near great. I'm down for Morrison's wacky take here and it seems like this is a good outlet for it. Batman travels the globe finding weird shit and getting a League of his own. However, I kind of wanted more Bruce Wayne in this issue, which is a weird thing to say, I know. The new characters seemed great, I only wish they hadn't killed off Mr. Unknown so quickly, but I guess that's part of the appeal. I'm in it for the first arc for sure, although, to be honest, part of me thinks it might work better as a mini-series, or as a bunch of successive mini-series. (Plural?)

The Flash 6 - Finally wrapping up the first arc, Geoff Johns left me wanting in a pretty major way. The Flashpoint arc is teased, Manapul draws the hell out of the book and I'm liking the parallels between this book and some of the classic Silver Age ideas, but it didn't add up to something spectacular. Honestly, if Manapul wasn't drawing this book, I'd think pretty hard of dropping it. I don't find myself caring nearly enough.

Green Lantern 59 - On the other hand, this book killed. Geoff Johns must be feeling the upcoming War of the Lanterns pretty heavy, because it's clear that's where his heavy interest is leaning. We learn a lot about the Indigo Tribe in this book and that's not even really the main focus. Barry guest stars in a role that he's played plenty of times before for Hal, the blue entity (Adara?) gets a bit more playing time, and Salaak has an interesting conversation with the Guardians. There's some interesting discussion between Hal and Barry about Ollie, too, which is necessary, but the best part is when the Collector shows up at the end with Parallax and gets him to infest Barry. Next issue's showdown between Lanterns and Flash is going to be great.

New Avengers 6 - After reeling me back into an arc that I really wasn't feeling at the start, this conclusion kind of left me cold. I mean, first of all, the cover is blatant baiting, and no one was surprised, looking at it, to find out that Doctor Voodoo is the one that gets to bite the bullet. (It's truly troubling to me, too, that Luke Cage gets to sing and dance in Bendis' interpretation of black culture, while Doctor Voodoo, from his first appearance in this series appeared marked for death.) Plus, I wasn't impressed with what happened. It seems like that solution could have been achieved immediately, and that, perhaps, it wasn't a win at all. I'm not really feeling New Avengers after the unevenhandedness of this arc and with the subpar teaser for the Nanny next issue, I'm thinking this might get the ax.

Book of the week goes to Green Lantern. Here's to hoping that the upcoming movie will continue inspire (or maybe it's playing no part, maybe it's just pure coincidence) Geoff Johns to knock material out of the park on that book. Now if only he could do the same with Flash.

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