Monday, November 1, 2010

comics for the week of 10/27/10.

This would have been the first week where I haven't got any new comics since I turned, like, 12. However, I've been looking forward to picking up Action Comics for a longass time, and with Death making her appearance, this was the time. However, it's definitely coming, the time where I officially become a weak comic fan and get no new books in one week. Sad. But I guess it means I'm growing up?

Action Comics 893 & 894 - Lex Luthor has been running through Action Comics and people have been swearing to me that it's dope. And, finally, I picked it up and they're right; it's been great. Lex is searching Gorilla City (?), the realm of Gorilla Grodd, looking for the Black Ring? To be honest, I'm not 100% on that, but I'll tell you this: the Lois Lane robot, Grodd with his battle spoon, and Death showing up have made these books worth the price of admission. In 894, we have Death directly telling Lex that he's not dead, but rather that he's being checked up on. He asks the right question upon waking up (what could possibly be happening for her to check up on him?) and we're all intrigued and following along for the ride. Great stuff from Paul Cornell utilizing Death as a character, but, honestly, it felt like more of a gimmick than anything else. She only sort of spoke and behaved like she did when Gaiman wrote her and if this is all we get from the scenario then it was cute, but not super important. If, however, this is leading to something larger, then consider me hooked. Lex has been moving up in the world and he was already pretty significant to start with, so this is a good thing.

No book of the week for only one book, that's a cop out.

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