Thursday, November 11, 2010

basketball stays winning.

The season is underway and it's off to a hell of a start.

The Lakers are undefeated thus far, bullying most teams other than the Minnesota Timberwolves. In a shock from last year, the New Orleans Hornets join the Lakers in the undefeated ranks. Chris Paul is playing like he's furious that everyone forgot he's the best point guard in the league, at a time when the NBA is undergoing a point guard renaissance seldom seen before.

The Miami Heat retain their title as the bully most feared when they finally get it together, but the Hornets took them down last weekend, and Paul Millsap pulled an impersonation of Tracy McGrady in dismantling them.

On the rookie side of things, John Wall posted his first career triple double and the Sacramento Kings want to remind people they've got a kid named DeMarcus Cousins. ESPN reports that Wall is the third-youngest player to record a triple-double in the League and, more than that, he's appearing to find his place. He's running the point in a way that Gilbert Arenas never did (not to say that it's better, it's certainly not worse, just different) in Washington, and he's impressive in most of the important areas. (The inevitable argument of, "If only he had a jumper," notwithstanding.) Meanwhile Cousins, who just got demoted to coming off the bench, is averaging 12 points and 6 rebounds in only 22 minutes. He's not killing it, but he's putting in work.

Tonight, the Miami Heat get another crack at the Boston Celtics, the team they were beaten by on Opening Night. The Lakers also run into the potential spoiler of the Denver Nuggets with their maddeningly ambiguous superstar Carmelo Anthony. (Seriously, how does Anthony not get fined for all this reckless talk? If he were calling into 1-900-HUSTLER Beanie Sigel would be tearing him apart! I'm not saying he's bi-polar, because I'd never mock a serious disease but dude clearly is having problems figuring out what he really wants.) With all this great ball happening, it's a great time to pick a team and go for a ride. Just, well, think about avoiding the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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