Monday, October 25, 2010

comics for the week of 10/20/10.

The same kind of week as last week, which, looking back, wasn't all that eclectic at all.

Batman and Robin 15 - Morrison and Irving continue to revitalize this book as it should be. I feel like, by reading this book, I'm completely able to avoid the one-shots and the mini-series of "The Return of Bruce Wayne" - which is a fantastic thing! The stories read like Elseworlds, but they have real world ramifications, and the portrayal of the Joker reminds me of what Morrison did with Magneto over in the X-Men so many years ago. Namely, it's cool, and I'm sure lots of people love it, and I'm even more sure that it'll be completely wiped out or just ignored forever after he leaves. The book is good, I love the fact that Damian and Dick have a great interplay, and I'm hopeful that Bruce returning won't ruin any of that.

Daredevil 511 - Shadowland is almost done. This story is great. I don't understand people who say it's not. It really is. The thing is, as I keep saying over and over in my recaps of the DD storyline...I don't know what else there is to be done other than kill him. And, progressively, as it's gone on, I've gotten the feeling from the writing that that's not what they're going to do. It's all going to be The Beast who was possessing Matt, and it's going to be separated and then Murdock's going to have to recover and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Kill Matt Murdock. Have the balls to do it. That would make this story one of the best ever.

Fables 99 - One issue away from the big showdown. This issue highlights Mr. Dark (is that really his name?) as the North Wind goes to tell him that a showdown with Totenkinder is imminent. We get to see a lot of attention paid to what the bad guy is up to (and maybe why?) and I'm definitely feeling the buildup to 100, but I've got to be honest and say that it doesn't feel as big as Gepetto. Maybe that's because it's only been 1/3 in length, but this guy is supposed to be EVIL. It just doesn't feel like it's as big a deal. That being said, almost all of the other elements of the book (supporting characters, overall mythology, main characters, the farm in and of itself, etc.) feel a lot stronger than they did 25 issues ago.

Kick-Ass 2 1 - Millar and Romita Jr. are back on the comic that became a movie before it was done being a comic and I've got to's no good. I really wasn't feeling this book, and I'm surprised by those who said that it was as good as the first run. I know it's just the first issue, but I'm not used to Millar needing time to get things ramped up. And frankly, it just wasn't that engaging.

Book of the week goes to Fables. I'm hooked for issue 100, just like I have been for the 99 before. Here's to another 100 if not more.

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