Monday, September 6, 2010

comics for the week of 09/01/10.

Man. Only three books this week, but they were all top notch!

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer 36 - The official return of Spike! He's back, as we knew last issue, he's on the cover, and he's perfect in this issue. My favorite part is him seeing Twilight on the computer and calmly remarking, "Oh, that'd be Angel, then." Spike is a great character, who continues to grow. He's gone miles since the last time we've seen him, and I look forward to hearing more of his story. However, it's clear that there's something a lot bigger than both he and Angel are acknowledging, and I want even more to see this conclusion, written by Joss, really knock some stuff around. The twist at the end fell a bit flat for me, as I never saw him as that big of a bad guy. But, hopefully, we'll see some more as the story moves toward its conclusion.

Scarlet 2 - This is the book that I thought issue 1 should have been! This book officially has me hooked at this point. The story is believable, and I'm intrigued by the main character in a way that the first issue somehow wasn't able to do for me. Bendis spins a good tale, and I like the fact that Scarlet herself isn't always likable. She's the good guy, obviously, but she's not so good. The rest of the world is such a bad place, according to her world view, but that makes sense, too. The art of Maleev is (no lie) one of the biggest draws for me in all of comic books, so as long as he keeps pencilling this book, I'll keep buying it. If the Bendis story continues to be this good, though, it won't only be because of the art.

Shadowland 3 (of 5) - This book (and this story) just keeps getting better and better. Matt Murdock is just going to have to die. That's all there is to it. We all know someone else is going to be in the costume but it seems more and more likely that the resolution is going to have to be the death of Matt. It'd be a shame to lose such a great character, but, on the other hand, this is the best the book's ever been. He's been on a continuous down note since Kevin Smith and Joe Q revamped the book, and it's been great. However, there's only one logical conclusion, so let's not try to avoid it - fully embrace it.

And looking over at Diamond Previews, I realized that I missed the Red Hood's book this week. That would have been great, too, I predict. A nice time to be a comic fan. Book of the week, though, goes to Buffy, even though it might not have been as good as the other 2, mainly just for the overall Spike-ness. A can't lose situation.

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