Wednesday, September 29, 2010

catching up on comics.

It's been a while since I updated my comics here, so I figured I'd just do a batch of them and then try to keep up from this point on.

Batgirl 14 – With Supergirl co-starring, this book is everything I want it to be: cute-drawn superheroes who happen to be girls but aren't drawn in a lascivious manner, who are doing good and having fun. I'm happy to hear that Nguyen is taking over, because I like him, but I'm sad, because when a formula is this winning, I'm loathe to mess with it. This is seriously one of the most fun reads every week it comes out. I wish it would stay that way. And it might.

Batman and Robin 14 – Keeping up with Doctor Hurt, Pyg, and the fascinating Joker and Robin storyline. Batman and Robin continues to be the only place where Grant Morrison is (or ever has?) writing Batman in a manner that suits both him and the comic book audience. I wish they would just let this book loose and let him do what he wants, and free it from any continuity concerns or anything like that. I feel like it could be a madhouse of fun, but as it stands now, it's barely even cutting the mustard while the rest of the books are sinking under their terrible weight.

Daredevil 510 – Shadowland continues and it kicks ass. Matt is going insane and he's going to have to die. If you're not reading Daredevil right now, you are missing out. That's all I'm going to say about it.

Fables 98 – Rose Red reassumes control, firmly. Man, this book has just been gaining steam month after month and this is near the culmination and I'm psyched for it. The confrontation with the Dark Man is brewing, everybody seems like they're gearing up for it in the best way possible, which I expect to mean that some of the characters I love the most and have been the most proud of in the last few months are going to get offed in a callous and offensive way. And I'm going to love it.

Flash 5 – Rogues vs. Renegades kind of disappoints, but the arrest of the Flash and the last page is a great homage. To be honest, I feel like Johns isn't doing much with this book, but Manapul brings me in month after month and he will continue to be able to do so, with ease.

Green Lantern 57 – Carol Ferris becomes queen of the Star Sapphires. That's about all that I felt happened. It was a weak issue? Or I have a bad memory? I can't really tell.

Green Lantern Corps 52 – The Cyborg Superman story finally ends, except that it doesn't end at all, which is part of why I knew I would be disappointed in this story to begin with. This one is not the fault of my memory. This book is suffering and has been since Blackest Night ended. I'm dropping it with this issue, not with any malice, but because I don't care about most of what's going on. Ganthet as Lantern interests me quite a bit, but I just don't care about Alpha Lanterns and Honor Guards and blah, blah, blah.

New Avengers 4 – They still have no idea who's messing with them, but Danny Rand comes back in a rad, different costume. The decompressed storytelling style of Brian Michael Bendis strikes again! I feel like this story could have been over for a few months already, yet it still stretches on; and it's not even over yet! It's good, but not this good.

Red Hood: Lost Days 4 (of 6) – Jason's story continues and Talia makes some comments that are surely the vocalizations of readers. It's a good story and I'm still liking it, but some things bothered me about this. First, why are they making Jason wear a red hoodie this whole time, as though the Red Hood thing was planned or subconscious the whole time? Bad decision. Secondly, Jason's supposed to be this psychopath, but here we're supposed to care about him? Just make him crazy, it's OK, people were accepting him already as he was. Now he's going to be seen as this semi-sympathetic character, which isn't bad by any means, but does kind of diminish the badass way that he's acted ever since he's been brought back.

Spider-Girl The End – Probably capitalizing on the latest mini-series, since it's pretty much a direct sequel, this felt like a cop out on The End series, because of the time travel issue. When I see "The End" on top of a book, I expect to see THE END. I don't want anyone going back in time to change it. I want it to be the end. Let the tragic end of Mayday Parker really teach April a lesson. Let that lesson stay with her. Get a semi-happy ending some other way than wiping out the story I just read. Otherwise it's a waste of my money and your time.

The Unwritten 17 – A choose your own adventure inside a comic book. Are you kidding me? Every issue, this book finds some magnificent way to innovate inside the genre, while simultaneously telling one of the most classic stories contained on the side of fiction. This is groundbreaking, incredible stuff. The Unwritten dedicates this issue to a couple of the different paths that the life of Lizzie Hexam could have taken and we get to see them pretty fleshed out. I love how this mimics a real Choose Your Own Adventure book in that some of the stories overlap and there's common threads. I also love the fact that there's more than one end, although I feel like they could have done more there. Over all, another brilliant issue from a creative gang that is knocking it out of the park every single issue. Get it now.

Book of the (Whatever) obviously goes to the Unwritten. This book kills. It's intellectual without being overly in your face about it, and it's comic book fun without being idiotic. Striking the perfect balance, Vertigo has another major winner, seemingly for the long haul.

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