Saturday, August 14, 2010

comics for the week of 08/11/10.

Half and half. No Emerald Warriors for me this week. If I hear amazing things about it in the course of this next week, I'll pick it up next Wednesday.

Batgirl 13 - A great start to a new year of stories. A pretty self-contained loop here in 13, with a mini-battle against Clayface, that old staple of the Batman Rogues, but really, just trying to develop the characters some more. The story of Nick the Detective seems like it'll be pretty predictable, but I love the relationship between Stephanie and him. The role of Proxy, feeling forced in the last arc, seems to be coming along quite a bit better. And DC must have heard the complaints because the issue opens by focusing on Steph as a college student - we need more real life. And we're getting it. This book is well-written, pencilled in a fine manner and will continue to have a place in my pull stack.

Daredevil 509 - Shadowland continues, and I like how they're dividing these books up. I was worried that there would be things here from Shadowland 2 that would upset me, meaning I'd have to be buying both books (which I am, but I shouldn't have to) in order to understand everything. However, the Daredevil book right now is focusing on Dakota and Foggy, which is great, because their story is really one that people who have been reading this book for a long while honestly do care about. After the ninjas attacked their car at the end of last issue, things looked bleak, but fortunately, Danny Rand and Luke Cage show up to help out. We see the overlap between this book and Shadowland 2, but it's done in a really great manner. Also, the art continues to murder - starting with Bendis' run and Maleev's art, this book has had the best, most consistent art for the last...five-plus years? Seven-plus? Great, great book, I'm loving what they're doing, and I can't wait to see how it ends. (It's got to be Matt either dead or a villain, right? Got to be.)

Spectacular Spider-Girl 4 (of 4) - A nice end to a nice arc. I wish Spider-Girl was still a monthly title, but I think I say that every month in praise of this book. The gang war gets finished, in kind of the manner that most fans probably would have predicted, Punisher gets a few more lessons from the Spider family, we get to see the Warriors of the M2 Universe (they don't call them the Avengers?) and the Hobgoblin gets dealt with. After last issue's revelation that Peter was playing the part of Wild Card, the conclusion hurtles toward us pretty quickly. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but, again, I wish this was a monthly book, because I feel like there's so much more that could be expanded upon: the role of April and what she's going to do to the family, Peter and Normie's team-up and the ways that could continue, what's going to happen with Black Tarantula...there's so many possibilities in this book. Also, it really felt like some of the dialogue between Peter, MJ, and May was a not-so-subtle dig at the current mainstream Spider books. And I'm OK with that.

The Unwritten 16 - I hope that I don't have to re-articulate my thoughts every month on this book, but here it is in plain English: if you're not reading this, you are missing out. This issue felt like the conclusion to the first arc, with the discussion between Tom and Wilson Taylor, the shifting at the end towards the story of Lizzie Hexam and the revelation of the last book in the Tommy Taylor series. Pretty much as good as it gets. I feel like the discussion between Tom and Wilson will be picked over again and again as this series progresses, because there was probably a lot of truth in it, and a lot of clues and signs that we just can't see yet. The death felt a little anti-climactic, as I thought Wilson would have some sort of protection, or he would defend himself, or something! but I didn't mind it. I'm curious to see if Savoy will be physically near Tom when the next issue begins, or if all three of the crew will be physically separated as well as mentally and emotionally. Seems like that's likely to be the next part of their journey - finding one another again, now that they know a bit more about why they're together. Great book, look forward to every issue all the time.

Book of the week is and probably always be, when it comes out, the Unwritten.

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