Monday, August 2, 2010

comics for the week of 07/28/10.

All DC. What a weird change from when I was a kid.

Flash 4 - Continuing the story of the Rogues from the future versus Flash, with old Captain Boomerang (Digger) thrown into the mix, and the real rogues showing up at the end for even more of a twist. Man, Johns can really do it. He keeps a tight script, knows what he's doing ahead of time, and chooses his artists well; Manapul continues to kill. Barry is a compelling character, I'm glad that he's been brought back, but I'm still not sure that I see the necessity of it. His story is going great, but Iris does feel a little under-utilized at this point - that will clearly change, with the Top making his decision in this issue.

Green Lantern 56 - God. What a cover. Amazingly, the story inside lives up to it, as does the art. Doug Mahnke is not one of my personal favorites, but one of my friends loves him, and I've gotta say, he's continuing to get better and better. His art is perfect for this book. Hector Hammond is clearly getting his due from Johns, starting a few years ago. I'm loving the way all the different Corps are interacting in this book, and I actually hate Hal less and less as we see more of the contrasts - Sinestro included, obviously, but Larfleeze and Atrocitus, too. Johns continues to do (virtually) no wrong.

Green Lantern Corps 50 - This was not the issue that I wanted it to be. That's not really a fault of the issue as much as it is me, but...for a fiftieth issue, it seemed to lack any real oomph. The return of the Cyborg Superman wasn't an event, because we'd already seen him. We didn't get the confrontation between Ganthet and Cyborg that's clearly brewing, and I'm not sure if we'll get it next issue either. I like the Alpha Lanterns more now than I did when they were introduced and I like the revelation that the Collector (whatever he's going to be called) has spoken with Cyborg. The Manhunters clearly have a role to play, too, and that's got to be part of Johns' master plan - he's been getting after that history, and I love the way it's going. That being said, I don't know how much longer I'll stick with this book. This arc has to finish pretty damn strong for me to continue spending money on it instead of jumping over to Emerald Warriors.

Book of the week goes to Green Lantern, despite the superior art by Manapul on Flash. The story is larger in scope, it feels like Johns is just doing more there.

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