Friday, July 23, 2010

comics for the week of 07/21/10.

Man. If I only get two comics in a week, most of the time, does that mean that I'm not really a comic book fan? Am I just going along to go along? Regardless...

New Avengers 2 - Bendis is still writing all the Avengers books? Is this true? Well, all I can say to that is, after a seven-year plan (their own words), things seem pretty wacky. Couldn't we just have broke the teams up and got them to this point without all the Disassembled, Civil War, Secret Invasion, etc.? I don't know. These questions are perhaps pointless, and definitely beside the point: New Avengers 2 was good. But it's weird to see these guys on a team together, and the adventure they're having is weird. Let's see if I can get this right: Brother Voodoo is now Doctor Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange is still around, and for some reason, so is Damien Hellstrom. Some demons have come to get the Eye of Agomotto, which we know from the Strange days. Somehow, the New Avengers get involved, Luke Cage gets possessed and then Danny Rand does. Danny Rand may or may not have vanished from this plane of existence. Oh yeah, and meanwhile, these New Avengers consist of Wolverine, Spider-Man, the afore-mentioned Danny Rand and Luke Cage, as well as Jessica Jones (maybe?) and the Thing. Huh? I know. It doesn't make a lot of sense.'s good.

Scarlet 1 - On the other hand, this book definitely makes sense. (And yes, I'm including it in books for this week, even though it came out earlier, because I just bought it this week.) Scarlet is kind of a normal girl, insofar as she's got no powers and she appears to live in the real world. When her boyfriend-at-the-time gets gunned down by a cop (as revenge for having the temerity to strike the cop), the boyfriend-at-the-time is subsequently framed as having been a major player in the drug game and Scarlet has what we call a serious revelation: Things are not right in the world. So she appears to be setting herself up to go on a mission against those things that are wrong. The thing that's gonna have people talking about this book is that Scarlet regularly breaks the fourth wall and narrates directly to the reader. Cool idea, it's been done before in movies and books (and maybe comics?) but it's certainly not played out. We'll see, after five or six issues, if it's really necessary, though. For now, the art by Alex Maleev is more than worth the price of admission.

Book of the week goes to Scarlet for taking a unique position, and bringing Maleev's art back to a world that needs it.

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Melinda C said...

Ah - very excited that you picked up the first issue of Scarlet. We stopped by our local shop last night and besides American Vampire and a Rescue and Black Widow one-shot, it was one of the books I strongly gravitated towards.

Bendis has an interesting narration/dialogue style. He uses a lot of real world pauses and it sounds quite authentic.

It's tough for me to judge based on a single issue (unless it's a one-shot), so I'm giving it a few more issues to play out before I make a judgment, but so far I'm absolutely intrigued.

And it's set in Portland. :) Where the cops first start harassing Scarlet and her friends, that's the Pioneer Courthouse Square, otherwise known as Portland's living room.

Gotta give this book mad props just for that! :)